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September 13, 2016

My experience at Soi 51 Mookata (Boon Lay Outlet)

Over the past few years, the Thai food scene has evolved rapidly in Singapore. Nowadays, you can easily walk into any Thai food eateries even at your neighbourhood district, you can even see them selling it at food courts. Mookata eateries are amongst the few evolving trends that are rising predominantly in Singapore. Still remember I used to go all the way to Golden Mile Complex with my makan kakis just to have mookata. Now you can have them almost at anywhere becuase they could be just a click away like how you are reading about this blogpost now! In today's context, we have 3 different kinds of DIY Cooking you can find in Singapore, we have the regular steamboat restaurant, we also have Korean BBQ (the hype kinda tone down a little in Singapore) and also last but not least, Mookata.   

I was recently invited by Soi 51 Mookata for a tasting session alongside with my friend. 

Interestingly, mookata is unlike you regular steamboat whereby you have a pot in the middle filled it up with soup and you grill your food at the side. For mookata, it is completely the opposite. The only hassle about having mookata is that you have to constantly keep refilling the soup at the side. On a side note, they use pig-skin is used to act as as the oil instead of using normal oil. 

I visited Soi 51 Mookata's 3rd branch at 90 Boon Lay Place (former Savoy Theatre.) The location is quite accessible as it is only a few bus stops away from Lakeside MRT Station. I chose to travel in different route as I took grab car instead as I came directly from school. The location is near-by to NTU and also minutes drive from two of the local polytechnics in the West. They have also two other outlets located islandwide. You can find out the details at the end of the blogpost. 

Soi 51 Mookata is one of the few Thai mookata eateries that serves mookata in a buffet style which is not very common. A lot of places serves a-la-carte style which sometimes maybe quite expensive becuase the amount you pay varies according to how much you order. Soi 51 Mookata offers affordable prices at only $22/pax (adult) and also for children below 1.2m for $12/pax (kids). What I really like about Soi 51, is their variety of choices. With more than 60 different selections to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices! I believe this will serve as a good deal for students like me who is always on budget! At a price of $22 per pax, and you can eat all you want, it is so much value for money! Trust me, at other places, mookata usually cost around $25-$26 per pax.

Here is a glimpse of the meat selection that they have. I personally recommend the pork belly, garlic chicken (the seasoning was well-done and when eaten was flavourful) and also the mince meat similarly to wanton but just without the skin! Takes awhile to cook but it was dayum! My friend preferred the black pepper chicken, hence I personally believed that it should be based on your personal preference. Some may like the spicy chicken, some may prefer just black pepper pork. 

They also serve a wide variety of assorted seafood raging from prawns, raw clams, squid, bamboo shoots to crabs! On a side note, all items on the menu are free to order and there are not restriction of orders for items like prawns. This is becuase I've been to some places and sometimes they only allow us to order 1 portion of prawns. At Soi 51 Mookata, you can enjoy the entitlement of ordering unlimited food items off the list provided if you can finish it once you ordered. Additional food wastage will incur charges. 

You will have to place your order by indicating your choices on the written paper, and you will be served by their staff. You can also choose the portion you want between small, medium and large. This is good as you can limit your portion you want to eat. My recommendation is to order all small portions first, if you really like the food item, you can order it again. 

Can anyone spot the heart-shaped cheese tofu?

Can you find any of your favourite vegetables here? There's enokitake! Everyone's favourite! 

These are their signature/most popular items on the menu! The enokitake mushrooms wrapped with bacon resembles the lok lok that I alway eat in JB! No doubt, it was one of my favourite!

*Heres a tip* You can put the prawns in the soup to make it more sweeter! Unfortunately, they only serve one type of soup base which is chicken stock soup. It would be better if they have tom yum as well! Overall, it was an enjoyable experience at Soi 51 Mookata! I will be looking forward to my next visit with my classmates! Thank you for hosting us! 

Boon Lay outlet 
90 Boon Lay Place 
Operating Hours: 6pm - 1am 

Geylang outlet
51 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399705
Operating Hours: 6pm - 1am 

Yishun outlet
Blk 504C, Yishun St 51 
Operating Hours: 6pm - 1am 

*This was an invited food tasting session. 

For more information check out: 

March 29, 2016

My experience at Charlie Brown Cafe (Cathay Cineleisure Orchard)

Awhile ago, I was invited back to Charlie Brown Cafe as I was told that they had revamped their menu and there were a few new offerings on their menu. Charlie Brown Cafe now has 2 outlets mainly in Singapore, one located at Cathay Cinleisure Orchard, a popular youth destination, and One KM Mall at Paya Lebar. 

The entire cafe is designed in a Charlie Brown theme, if you had watched the movie, Peanuts or you grew up watching Charlie Brown, then you should be familiar with the characters in the show/movie. The entire cafe takes up about 30-40 seats and the ambience was conducive. 

Root Beer Float & Coffee Macchiato Shot

Mashed Potatoes 

Price: $4.20 

Made from fresh potatoes topped with gravy and chicken chipolata (sausage). The mashed potato was fluffy and wasn't lumpy just maybe the sauce was slightly overpowering which diminishes the taste of the mashed potatoes. I would prefer if the sauce was lesser. However, it was a great combination of adding the chicken chipolata and mashed potato together. I don't mind just walking into Charlie Brown Cafe next time just to by their mashed potatoes for take-away. 

Seafood Tomato Cream Pasta

Price: $14.80

Needless to say, this was my favourite dishes and I did not regret ordering it. It was recommended by the waiter as she said that it was one of the popular dishes that customer will always order. Being a cream-based lover, I decided to give red tomato sauce a try for the first time. I was pleased with this dish because firstly, the portion given was very generous (unlike some other places) where you will only get a handful size of spaghetti. For a big eater like me, the portion was satisfying. The sauce was rich and creamy and it is non-spicy, so it is perfect for children as well. The dish was also topped with hearty amounts of squid, fish and also prawns.  

Charlie's All-Time Favourite

Price: $12.80 

Charlie Brown Cafe serves all-day breakfast, so if you are looking for a quick pancake or scrambled egg fix then you found the right place to dine at. The breakfast set is served in a big plate with chicken chipolatas, turkey ham, scrambled eggs and pancakes (or crepe upon request). 

Grilled Ribeye Steak 

Price: $22.80 

The streak was prepared well-done and the consistency was there. It was also topped with pepper sauce, served with mashed potatoes and a few pieces vegetables. Plus points for efforts for over presentation of the dish, more sauce would be preferred if not the dish will be quite dry. Overall, it was a good piece of steak.

Hawaiian Pizza

Price: $12.80

For a decent price of $12.80 I find it valuable as it can be shard among 4 people. Though from afar, it might not look appealing but  after your first bite, you might want to change your perception as because as first I was deceived by it's looks. The pizza was thin crust, and the pizza was served with generous pieces of pineapples and topped with melted cheese. It would be better if there can be more parmesan cheese added. 

Do check out Charlie Brown's Weekday Promo lunch set for only $7.80 onwards, every weekdays from 12:00PM - 15:00PM! It comes with a lava-cake dessert and also iced-lemon tea as well! 

For more details and food offerings visit: 

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road
Singapore 239695
Nearest MRT Station: Somerset
*This was an invited food tasting session

January 16, 2016

Damien's 21st Birthday Party! #tehpeng21

As the title speaks, it's pretty amazing how time flies so quickly. It was just like when I was 14 when I picked up blogging as a personal diary and now I'm blogging about my 21st Birthday party. Prior to this event, I was really tensed up and nervous because I'm the kind of person that likes everything to be well-organised and activities are planned out nicely. Despite my heavy school schedule, I'm glad that I was still able to pull this party off successfully! Many may know that my actual birthday is in early January, I've decided to celebrate in December because it just happens to be at the festive season where everyone is celebrating and also it falls between my term-break before my finals next year. As such, I supposed this is the best time to plan my 21st birthday party. 

First thing first, I would like to thank my dessert table sponsor, Petite Desserts! Thank you for making this possible!!!! 

Their official Facebook page is accessible here: 

Baked Cheesecake topped with Strawberry 

Many of my guest complimented about the cheesecake that it tasted really good! Within minutes after the cake-cutting session, it was one of the first to be wiped out. 

Rainbow Agar Agar Shots

Novi and her team suggested to me if I should select the Rainbow Agar-Agar shots as one of my dessert items. I'm glad that I've chosen it because it was one of my favourites! The taste was well-balanced and best of all, it wasn't that sweet. Every layer of the colour is so pretty and I can't bear to eat it! It seems to be quite tedious to make hence, plus point for the amazing effort!!! 

Red Velvet Cupcakes

You can't miss out something that is red-velvet flavoured! They are topped with whipped cream which resembles clouds! 

Lemon Meringue Tartlets

The Lemon Meringue Tartlets was another well-received dessert item as mentioned by my guests. The pastry was crumbly and the taste of it was tangy and delicious. I don't mind having 10 pieces on my own! And also the dessert stand has my initials of my name with the letter "D" on it! It's so instagram-worthy! Wait till you see whats below for the macarons! 


It was a macaron stand filled with blue and white macarons with mini marshmallows. Notice that the stand also came along with a hot-air balloon to match my cloud theme? It was so cuteeeeee! 

and of cos, my pretty rainbow cake prepared by Qin Pin! Thank you for always being there for me! 

Another view of my dessert-table set-up. Novi and her team came to my service apartment very early to set up the table, and I'm amazed by their dedicated service and utmost effort to make sure that I will have an enjoyable birthday celebration. I'm really thankful for their service and will definitely collaborate with them again if I'm planning for another celebration or event in the future. Her team was really corporative and they were able to accede to my requests of wanting a cloud theme for my dessert table. Thank you for making this possible and I wouldn't have done it without you guys! 

To find out more about their service you may wish to check out their Facebook page at:

and also follow them on Instagram at:


Thank you Kai Hui, Evelyn, Sally & Zachary for turning up! 

Thanks Joyner, Bella & Jenny for coming! 

Thank you to my Secondary school classmates for turning up! 

Thank you Trinity Choir from my church for turning up! 

Thank you Vivian, Weiqi, Krystal and Chester for coming! Love you guys to the max!

My beloved friends from blogging! Thank you Susan Jie, Michelle & company for coming!

Thanks for coming Noelle and your boyfriend!! Hehehe! Hope to see you guys soon!

Thank you to my Japan buddies, Nicholas and Brandon for coming! May our everlasting friendship grow forever! #brocode

Thank you Celine and Amanda for coming!! Especially Amanda, I know you were sick! Thanks for coming! Study hard in NUS!

Thank you Anna, Cihui and company for joining me on this special occasion! Appreciate that you guys took the time off to come to my party!

My course-mates from SP, Naga and Kuu, thank you for always being there for me! I'm glad to have met you guys!

Maria and her sister, Elizabeth! Our 8 years of friendship will never break apart! Thanks for coming!

Mel & Don, thanks for coming! I know Mel, you were sick! Thank you for taking the effort to come to my birthday party! Don, I know you had to book in the next morning! Thanks for attending! 

Thank you Joeyyyyy for coming!!! Goodluck in your studies in Aussie! I'm honoured to have met you in my life! 

My poly classmates gave me a coffee-machine for my birthday! Super touched because I always wanted to purchase one for myself! Most of them came from the west side, and I'm really touched that they took the effort to come down to to the east side celebrate my birthday! Thanks for coming guys! Love y'all! 

Thanks for coming, Guanwei & Samuel 715!! Miss you guys! 

Thanks Mynt for coming to my party with your bf! Glad you enjoyed yourself! 

Thanks Jenny for always listening to my random rants! Really glad you could make it!

and also lastly, my family members whom I'm told not to upload any of the photos of them online. Thank you for everything. I'm truly blessed. 

I would like to thank everyone for the wishes and the presents! Thank you for making my 21st birthday so memorable! To be honest, tell you guys the truth, I'm actually an introvert living in an extrovert body. I never really liked big parties like this, because I find myself a socially awkward person. I'm glad I was able to hold a successful birthday party and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single guest for attending my birthday party. Guess my next big event would be my wedding? Hahahahaha! Till next time! Thanks for reading!