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December 20, 2016


I have always wanted to write a post about Tampines because I have been living in this area for almost half a decade. If you ask me where you can find the best food in the east region of Singapore, let me tell you honestly that ITS NOT ALWAYS BEDOK. Tampines is one of the places where you can hidden treasures for food and you might be surprised that some places you might not even know because it is hidden deep in the neighbourhoods of Tampines. But trust me, Tampines is generally quite accessible via public transport or if you happen to drive. Tampines is the 3rd largest populated town in Singapore and it is subdivided into different areas like Tampines North, East, West. 

  In this blogpost, I will share with you some of the "lao di fang" I always frequent with my family. I have to thank my parents for bringing me around these places, if not I wouldn't have discovered them.

In case if you are wondering, ALL PICTURES by myself. and I wouldn't recommend the places if I haven't been to there before.


If you have been following my Instagram or my snapchats posts, I have always been posting snaps about this very nice teo chew porridge hidden in the west region of Tampines. This place is very near to Temasek Poly, in fact if you ask the students there, they might know where is this place. It is a walking distance from the famous Soi Thai Restaurant. Personally, I have recommended this place to many of my friends and some of them even came back to this place for supper. My friends even compared the food quality to the famous teo chew porridge stall at Serangoon. I don't mind eating teo chew porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even supper too... Haha!

(yes to late night suppers after partying)

Wallet Damage:
 $25-$30 for 4 pax, depends on what you order

Must order:
 Fried Silver Fish, Sotong, Fish (they have a wide vary of fishes, you can ask for recommendations), salted egg steam pork, stir fry brinjal, salted vegetable

Chor Dee Place
Blk 824 Tampines St 81 
Coffee Shop
Bus from Tampines interchange: 291 (Red Sign, stops directly opposite the coffeeshop) or 293 - Red Sign (Note: Does not stop directly at the bus stop, you will need to walk a little bit to get there.) Alternatively, you can take Bus 69. Stop at Temasek Poly Main Bus Stop, when you alight, walk towards the large foot ball field. If you open google maps, it should be quite easy to find! 


I have been patronising this coffeeshop with my friends for the past two and a half years. If you are looking for a quick fix for wanton noodles in the east, then Xing Ji will be able to satisfy your cravings. The best time to come is in the morning because they always run out of char siew. The queue is forever long, hence waiting time is approximately 15 mins. They will also replace with shredded chicken if they run out of char siew meat. 1/10 chances visits I have eaten their wanton mee with char siew. If you really want to try, then I suggest you to come before 11am! The coffee shop does not have a lot of seats too, so coming in a big group might be a potential problem for you. Never the less, it's one of my favourite spots for brunch.

Wallet Damage:
$4/ per pax

Must order:
The picture above says it all.... 

Xing Ji Wanton Noodle
Blk 164, Tampines St 12 (Coffee Shop)
Walking distance from Tampines MRT, walk towards the connection between Tampines Mall and Century Square, you will see an Apple Shop and Starbucks. There will be a traffic light, walk straight, it is just opposite Tampines Secondary/Primary School.


You must be wondering why I did not feature Soi Thai Kitchen immediately after the Teo Chew porridge stall, this is because I rank them according to my favourites. Many people often compare the standards of Soi Thai and Nakhon because they are near-by to each other. Nakhon is a drive distance located at Bedok and have multiple outlets all around Singapore, whereas for Soi Thai, this is only their one and only eatery. If you were to ask me to choose, I would pick Soi Thai. In case if you do not know, they have free-flow of water, whereas compared to other price thai restaurants, you have to buy their mineral water. This place is often crowded during lunch hours because it is often patronised by poly students and also with the lunch/dinner crowd. I really love their stir-fry basil pork and tom yum, always coming back for more. Nonetheless, it has become a prime location for east diners because Soi Thai has been around for more than 2 years already.

Wallet Damage:
$30-$60 for approximately 4 pax

Must order:
Basil Stir-fry Pork (Warning spicy), Red Ruby, Prawn Cakes and Tom Yum Soup 

Soi Thai Kitchen
Blk 824 Tampines Street 81
#01-28, Singapore 520824
Bus from Tampines interchange: 291 (Red plate) or 293 (Note: Does not stop directly at the bus stop, you will need to walk a little bit to get there). Alternately, take bus 69, alight at Temasek Poly Main Gate. Walk for 2 mins, then you will be able to see Soi Thai. It is very near the Teo Chew porridge location.


One of the newest Coffeeshop that opened not long ago in Tampines (approx. a year and a half.) I'm a big lover for zi char stalls, and specially hong-kong style. I chanced upon their sliced fish bee-boon and I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. The broth of the soup is creamy and tasty and you can definitely finish one bowl by yourself. I usually like to have it both noodles and rice (yes, the amount of carbs) but who care when it's good food. Additionally, if you realised the fishes are in big chunks slices,and not those super thin kinds that you see at any ban mian stalls. This is a must try! It is often crowded during lunch hours, again the coffeeshop is quite small and quaint. Hence it might take awhile to find seats during peak hours. Like any zi char places, they close in the afternoons but however opened during lunch hours and dinner hours. They have a habit of ending their operating hours at 09:15PM.  Make sure you come early!

Wallet Damage:
$7/ per bowl

Hong Kong Zi Char Stall (Coffeeshop)
519 Tampines Central 8, Singapore 520519
Walking distance from Tampines MRT.
Walk towards Tampines Bus Interchange, there will be a narrow passage way that people alight from their buses, it is also a cross junction for buses to turn in. Walk towards the narrow path, you will reach upon a traffic light. Cross opposite, walk straight. You will pass by commercial business building, if you see Harry's bar, you are walking to the correct way. It's located near Tampines Concourse.

As I'm still in the process of compiling the list of places, I will be updating this post on a frequent basis. Do let me know if you have other food eateries in Tampines to recommend to me!