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December 2, 2016

My experience at Yokowa Japanese Restaurant

I was recently invited by Yokowa Japanese Restaurant to try out their new menu and experience "Kaiseki" dining (Japanese Fine Dining). Kaiseki dining refers to a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner.  I have to admit that this is my first time experiencing Kaiseki, thus I was looking forward to my visit at Yokowa! They recently opened their outlet at Duxton Road. The location is quite accessible as it is just a 7 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. The restaurant is located along the alley of the stretch of Korean Restaurants. 

Entrance of Yokowa (Double storey high) 

It is not hard to locate the restaruant, as you will be able to see their promotional banners displayed while you are making you way to the restaurant. 

This is a private room to facilitate large group of customers. The ambience of the restaurant will filled with much essence of Japanese vibes.  

First level of the restaurant, suitable for single diners or in a pair. 

Lunch Bento Sets 

Bento Set B (TAKE) 

Price: $28.00 (6 side dishes) $18.00 (3 side dishes)

Yokowa specialises in their authentic Japanese Bento Sets. Their bento sets comes in 6 or 3 small side dishes, each bento set served is accompanied with specialty rice (also known as okowa). You can choose amongst 3 different types of rice. The bento set displayed on top is called TAKE Bento Set. It is accompanied with the delicious stewed pork. The meat was so tender and the sauce was sweet. This is similar to the one I had in Japan when I was working there. It seemed to be a popular home-cooked dish served in Japan. The TAKE set comes along with Japanese omelette, fried salmon, potato salad, preserved vegetables and brinjal. 

Bento Set A (MATSU) 

Price: $28.00

Again, you may find similar side dishes served compared to the TAKE bento set, just that this bento set comes along with chicken karaage, grilled fish and also fried Japanese tofu. 

A closer look of the sticky rice served! It seems like the rice is cooked with black beans and 小白菜, very healthy and looks simplistic from afar. 

Chanko Nabe

Price: $36.00

The Chano Nago was my favourite dish amongst the other dishes. This soup can be shared amongst 4 people. The pot of soup was served with generous amounts of vegetables like cabbage, spring onions, carrots, mushrooms. There were slices of pork belly and meatballs inside! It was also served along with udon! Perfect to have it during the rainy weather or if you are feeling very restless. I only have one word to describe the broth of the soup, it was tasty and every sip makes you wanna go for another bowl of warm soup.

Unagi Fish 

Price: $48.00

The Unagi fish was served boneless, I would recommend you to eat with rice if not the sweet Japanese sauce will empower your tastebuds!

Sashimi Mori

Price: $39 (Small), $59 (Medium) and $88 (Large)

If you are a big fan of sashimi, then you would like this dish. The Sashimi Mori comprises of salmon slices, scallop, tuna and prawn. The sashimi slices were served fresh and nicely dressed. I must compliment the amount of effort in making the dish as it must be very tedious to arrange the sashimi slices and decorating it with flowers.

Japanese Almond Pudding 

Price: $8

When eaten, the pudding immediately disintegrates in your mouth! It was soft and sweet served with assorted fruit slices! I wish they had a bigger portion for this!

To sum up, it was a pleasant experience spent at Yokowa. Experiencing a Kaiseki meal for the first time was rather interesting as compared to your regular ramen and rice bowls at other Japanese restaurants. Thank you Yokowa for having us! 

21 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089487
Operating hours: 11:30 - 00:00
Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar Station
*This was an invited food tasting review 

For more information please visit:

October 2, 2016

Sponsored Review: Orh Nee,Yam Cake from Buttertrade

Ever since when I was young boy, whenever I attend a wedding dinner, the food item that I always anticipate for has got to be the orh nee dessert. I mean who doesn't loves yam! So creamy yet sweet! Sometimes I wish I can find them at dessert stalls but they do not usually sell it. Recently, I was greeted with an orh nee cake right at my door step thanks to Buttertrade

The cake is from Bloomsbury Bakers delivered by Buttertrade. 

What is Buttertrade all about? 

You may have heard of shopping online for clothes and fashion accessories but have you heard of shopping for desserts and cakes? Buttertade is an online marketplace of various boutique bakeries that offers a complete solution to cake buying. Over at Buttertrade, you can choose from a variety of cakes from different bakeries and even make customised orders. Once you place and order, Buttertade will liaise with the bakery and deliver it to your door step. 

See any familiar names from above? There are also many more boutique bakeries that Buttertrade partners with, hence you can find out more at their website! Here's a fun fact! They have a variety of more than 100 cake selections for you to choose from! Buttertrade has definitely fulfilled the convenience factor and saved the hassle of browsing each bakery's website just to find out what cakes do they sell.

 I'm glad that there is a platform like Buttertade whereby I can browse my favourite cakes, and even check out the prices (some bakeries they do not indicate, whereby you have to call in and check), size of the cake and also find out when will it be delivered to my house. Best of all, I do not have to call and place an order with the bakery, I can do it online and let Buttertrade liaise it for me! Boutique bakeries usually sell insta-worthy cakes for big events like 21st, Baby Showers and various large-scale events hence with the use of Buttertade, it will definitely save the hours of trying to find the perfect bakery to get your cake from. I'm actually quite sick of cakes from commercial bakeries hence I prefer to go for unique flavours offered by these boutique bakeries! 

Additionally, did I mention that you can earn Buttertrade points if you purchase cakes from Buttertrade? You can accumulate points and exchange them for a free cake for your reward! It's nice of them being so sweet to the customers! 

Another shot of the orh-nee cake! Thank you Buttertrade for the arrangement! They recently launched a new promotion called "Go Local with Our Cakes." Whereby they are selling exclusive cakes inspired by our own Singapore's local dessert! I was given a choice of between Pulut Hitam Cake, Oneh Oneh Cake and of course the one I chose, Orh Nee Cake! 

When it was delivered to me, I could already smell the smell of yam from the cake box itself when it was placed in the fridge! My family and I enjoyed the cake a lot! Love the creamy texture in the inside as I could taste the chunks of yam pieces infused with the purple whipping cream! 

For more information and if you would like to place an order, please visit:

Terms and conditions
  • 15% off all items in "local flavours" for purchases made between 1-31 Oct 2016. 
  • Go to www.buttertrade.com.sg and click on “local flavours” in cakes & cupcakes or click on direct link http://www.buttertrade.com.sg/local-flavours-c-5_17.html. 
  • Add item to cart and enter the promo code "UncleTehpeng" during cart checkout.
  • Buttertrade reserves the right of final decision. 

September 13, 2016

My experience at Soi 51 Mookata (Boon Lay Outlet)

Over the past few years, the Thai food scene has evolved rapidly in Singapore. Nowadays, you can easily walk into any Thai food eateries even at your neighbourhood district, you can even see them selling it at food courts. Mookata eateries are amongst the few evolving trends that are rising predominantly in Singapore. Still remember I used to go all the way to Golden Mile Complex with my makan kakis just to have mookata. Now you can have them almost at anywhere becuase they could be just a click away like how you are reading about this blogpost now! In today's context, we have 3 different kinds of DIY Cooking you can find in Singapore, we have the regular steamboat restaurant, we also have Korean BBQ (the hype kinda tone down a little in Singapore) and also last but not least, Mookata.   

I was recently invited by Soi 51 Mookata for a tasting session alongside with my friend. 

Interestingly, mookata is unlike you regular steamboat whereby you have a pot in the middle filled it up with soup and you grill your food at the side. For mookata, it is completely the opposite. The only hassle about having mookata is that you have to constantly keep refilling the soup at the side. On a side note, they use pig-skin is used to act as as the oil instead of using normal oil. 

I visited Soi 51 Mookata's 3rd branch at 90 Boon Lay Place (former Savoy Theatre.) The location is quite accessible as it is only a few bus stops away from Lakeside MRT Station. I chose to travel in different route as I took grab car instead as I came directly from school. The location is near-by to NTU and also minutes drive from two of the local polytechnics in the West. They have also two other outlets located islandwide. You can find out the details at the end of the blogpost. 

Soi 51 Mookata is one of the few Thai mookata eateries that serves mookata in a buffet style which is not very common. A lot of places serves a-la-carte style which sometimes maybe quite expensive becuase the amount you pay varies according to how much you order. Soi 51 Mookata offers affordable prices at only $22/pax (adult) and also for children below 1.2m for $12/pax (kids). What I really like about Soi 51, is their variety of choices. With more than 60 different selections to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices! I believe this will serve as a good deal for students like me who is always on budget! At a price of $22 per pax, and you can eat all you want, it is so much value for money! Trust me, at other places, mookata usually cost around $25-$26 per pax.

Here is a glimpse of the meat selection that they have. I personally recommend the pork belly, garlic chicken (the seasoning was well-done and when eaten was flavourful) and also the mince meat similarly to wanton but just without the skin! Takes awhile to cook but it was dayum! My friend preferred the black pepper chicken, hence I personally believed that it should be based on your personal preference. Some may like the spicy chicken, some may prefer just black pepper pork. 

They also serve a wide variety of assorted seafood raging from prawns, raw clams, squid, bamboo shoots to crabs! On a side note, all items on the menu are free to order and there are not restriction of orders for items like prawns. This is becuase I've been to some places and sometimes they only allow us to order 1 portion of prawns. At Soi 51 Mookata, you can enjoy the entitlement of ordering unlimited food items off the list provided if you can finish it once you ordered. Additional food wastage will incur charges. 

You will have to place your order by indicating your choices on the written paper, and you will be served by their staff. You can also choose the portion you want between small, medium and large. This is good as you can limit your portion you want to eat. My recommendation is to order all small portions first, if you really like the food item, you can order it again. 

Can anyone spot the heart-shaped cheese tofu?

Can you find any of your favourite vegetables here? There's enokitake! Everyone's favourite! 

These are their signature/most popular items on the menu! The enokitake mushrooms wrapped with bacon resembles the lok lok that I alway eat in JB! No doubt, it was one of my favourite!

*Heres a tip* You can put the prawns in the soup to make it more sweeter! Unfortunately, they only serve one type of soup base which is chicken stock soup. It would be better if they have tom yum as well! Overall, it was an enjoyable experience at Soi 51 Mookata! I will be looking forward to my next visit with my classmates! Thank you for hosting us! 

Boon Lay outlet 
90 Boon Lay Place 
Operating Hours: 6pm - 1am 

Geylang outlet
51 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399705
Operating Hours: 6pm - 1am 

Yishun outlet
Blk 504C, Yishun St 51 
Operating Hours: 6pm - 1am 

*This was an invited food tasting session. 

For more information check out: