June 5, 2011

Diet Change, Flea & Sheng Siong Show

Sooooo I'm back again!! This week was a super busy week. YES, I DIDN'T TOUCH MY BOOKS MUCH. HAHA. But I PROMISE to hit back my books tomorrow onwards. Theres no time left. LOL, I sound like a super nerd guy who loves to study. Oh yea, I'm going to start my 3 months dieting, refraining from fatty food such as, BURGERS, RICE, NOODLES. Those high in carbohydrate food items and replace them with BREAD. Yes, I love bread. WHOLEMEAL bread. I meant, why suddenly I want to diet. I have been complaining about my weight since the starting of the YEAR. Now still no results. So a few days ago, I came across this magazine, of a guy in Singapore that lost more than 18Kg in 3 months. I was super shock. SO IF THE GUY CAN DO IT, ME TOO. In 6 months time, I will become the hottest guy in my school. LOL. Just joking, but i really need to cut down on my food. I'm gonna extend my jogging route to 2 rounds. USUALLY 1 round. LOL, because I'll get tired easily. I'm going to plan out a schedule, for everything including, studying, making videos, using the internet (TWITTER) and a whole load of stuff. HAHA.

Okay, thats all for dieting. Lets talk about what happen recently. I went to flea with Qin Pin and her friend.
Flea @ scape was super messy and crowded. It was filled with girls. HAHA ( OKAY MOST OF THEM) I went there with Qin Pin and she bought a pair of shoes and a super cool ring.
The ring was really nice!! :)) and super CHIO.
I bought this super cool iPhone home sticker, since my home button already press until spoil, So i bought this to put over so it will be easier to press. SOOO CUTE!! Spongebob totally match my back cover too.

SOOOOOOO, We went to walk around scape and ended up in Orchard Road. Because Qin Pin was wearing HEELS. Her foot was really hurting, so we couldn't really walk much, can see every minute she was tortured with pain because of the heels. So we ended up having an early dinner at a foodcourt, near by.
HMMMMM very nice food right? You guys must have wonder why TEHPENG didn't have his dinner, well practically I skipped dinner because I was incredibly full then, I had a super late lunch and couldn't eat much. So I ended up not eating :) ( SURPRISING FOR THE FIRST TIME LOL)

soooooooooo after dinner, we left Orchand and Qin Pin went back!! :) WELL, you guys think I will go back so early MEH! SO YEA, If you guys are really stalking me on Facebook, I went to Mediacorp again for the Sheng Siong Show, and the special guest was Derrick Hoh, 何維健. HE WAS SUPER AWESOME. The fans were in love with him, including my 2 friends, Mei Han and Regine. HAHA, kinda love his voice!! :)
Okay, this proves I've been there. We were sitting very far cos we came late, and there were no seats at the front so we ended up sitting at the back. OMGGG. Its Derrick Hoh! omgg!

Ivan and I :) AWESOMEEE!!

The whole show lasted for an hour, and it was really cold :( After the show, we spam polaroid films!! HAHAH We took a total of 24 films!! :O Thats ALOT!
Super chio right?! HAHAH thanks to the light exposure!!

After that, we went back home obviously, I was scared that we would miss the TRAIN AGAIN.
Took one with Regine! FINALLY.
Ridiculous ugly fringe!! :( (me showing off the films! )

OKAYYYY. SOOO THATS ALL. Tomorrow theres extra class. I better come for class!! :) HAHAHA GOODBYE!! Btw, Like me on facebook!

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