June 30, 2011

I love cooking

HELLO! Today's post will be about food! HAHAH I know boring right?! But this time, is about cooking!! There is this new elective class added to my new timetable, and I'm in basic culinary skills. LOL so surprising right? HAHA When it comes to cooking I'm a total failure in doing it.
So today is the first lesson, and my partner was Elizabeth! Didn't expected that first lesson will go straight into cooking. SO EXCITING LOL. Made 3 dishes,

Fish Fillet
Butter-Bread Pudding
Mashed Potato

-Processing of the bread and butter pudding- LOL

Lol I fried this fish, no chao-ta right? :) I'm an excellent mini chef!
Mashed potato with pepper, salt and mayonnaise. YUMMY
The outcome. NICE RIGHT? HAHAHAHA :DDD Next time just give me a call, I cook for you :)

LOL, overall I find this elective very good because its the only time we can get away from studies, and i can learn how to cook LOL. Seriously, the only thing I can cook is maggie mee. Because I'm not the one cooking overtime.

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