August 19, 2011

Food with Tehpeng #1 Best Fries Forever

I'm gonna start a list of blog post about food, I shall name it "Food With Tehpeng" and today shall be my first post about it, never thought of this idea but it just suddenly pope-d up on my mind a few minutes ago. Since I extremely LOVE food, I really wanna share with you guys!

This store is very popular and it's located in the central district, my friend told me that the fries there is a MUST try, so I've decided to try it out today. Surprisingly, it was not that crowded!

And the name of the store is called "Best Fries Forever" very creative (:

Wanted to order large but my brother go and anyhow order, there are many different types of sauces that you can choose and the large fries cost around $5, so I can say that it's quite worth it. The cheese is very nice!!!!! (: Well, I didn't finish it because my sister ate it all when I went to the toilet. So what are you guys waiting for and come down to

Basement of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard OR Raffles Shopping Centre!

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