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October 7, 2011

I'm back x1000

Officially cleared all my papers, going to rebond my hair soon. I have been a super hardworking boy for the past whole month, studying everyday. Sleeping super late, (OKAY THAT IS NOT TRUE! )

I just got a new shirt called "Facebook Addict". Guess I needed it because I'm really addicted to facebook, wish I can find a twitter one. Hahaha too bad don't have. I'll be heading to flea tomorrow to get 5 packs of polaroid film for my graduation day! It's gonna burn my pocket hole, but it's worth it! I MISSSSS FLEAAA :((

This month I'm intending to revive my youtube account, that has been dead for a few months already. Omg omg! hehehehe!

This month there will be a lot of exciting stuff! I PROMISE there will be LOADS of photos, not only myself arh. So to my dear readers, please look forward! :D

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