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FAQ Post

Hi! Welcome to my FAQs blogpost! I hope after reading this post you will know more about me ^.^

Why I do not use formspring?
Signing for formspring is just like signing up for cyber bullying and a WHOLE LOT OF INSULTS!

Are you a Singaporean?
Yes, I'm a Singaporean.

Are you Chinese?
How am I not chinese to you?

Do you photoshop your pictures and why do you look so different in and out of school?

Yes! Because I have special magic powers that made me use photoshop. Don't like it? GO AWAY!

I used to aggressively photoshop my nose, and eyes and body shape. Nowadays I try to cut down my photoshop to the minimum.

How Old Are You?
I am 18 year old this year! :) 

How heavy are you?
That's for me to know and you to find out! :D

When did you started blogging?
I started blogging since 2008.

Can you show me your old photos?
Eh, you can actually look back at my super old post, 2009-2010.

Why is your name (UncleTehPeng)
UncleTehPeng was made up randomly a year ago because there was this period of time I was really obsessed with drinking teh peng (already cutting down). From then on, my friends called me teh peng, teh peng.... with the Uncle infront.. I eventually adopted this name and continuing using it! UNCLETEHPENG WILL BE A LEGEND! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Music Influences

I am very heavily influenced with Glee music & Paramore.

Contact me? 

Email:         uncletehpeng[at] (For Business/Sponsors Purposes)

More questions will be edited in this post. So I hope by now, you will know more about me.


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