November 12, 2011

Genting & KL Getaway Holiday!

Hello my dear readers! I went to Genting and KL awhile ago, and it has been tempting me to blog about this, since it's a Saturday and I have nothing else better to do, I shall blog about my trip because this is going to be another long post filled with photos. Hahaha I feel so enthu to blog about this la! Alright, why not let's start with a photo first shall we?


So it's not my first time heading up to Genting, so I'm aware of the SUPER LONG hours sitting in the coach for about 5-6 hours. I was really smart the night before, I stayed up till 3am then I went to bed and woke up around 5am. Pro right? I made up this plan so I could sleep in the bus. SEE I WORE SPECS, DIDN'T WEAR CONTACTS THAT DAY.
and of cos, long rides, comes with good accomdations. Hahaha, Got TV, Massage Chair & Comfortable chairs!
My 2 companions for during the bus trip, lollipops & kinder bueno


Finally we arrived Genting, and checked into First World Hotel! Sadly, it was too crowded that we even need to wait for our que number to be able to check in.
Me patiently waiting for my number... Hahahaha it took around an hour! THAT'S HOW LONG.
I love my comfy bed! :) The room was not that small!
The bed was big enough for 3 people to sleep in. Hahahaha
Beautiful scenery outside of my window! I was shocked the room never install aircorn because Genting was already SO COLD. Hahahaa

After we got everything settled, my family went to KFC and have a late lunch a.k.a snack time cos we were going to eat a restaurant after that ! Okay i know what are you guys thinking, go Genting only eat KFC, -.-
MHMMMMMM... Cheese wedges!

After KFC, we went to a hotel buffet restaurant ( I forgotten the name ) for EARLY dinner.
If you are wondering what is this? This is beef.
Curry fish
Aglio e Olio pasta!!
Dinner is served!
My brother and my sister!
Me again. As usual. Hahahaha

After dinner, I was still hungry and I went to the food centre and ordered KL Hokkien Mee.
Noticed that it's different from the SG version? :) it's blacker, sweeter and nicer! ]

So that's all for Day 1.

Facebook addict shirt (L)
Getting ready to go out!

So for breakfast, we went to a Hong Kong Restaurant near our hotel.
How can I miss out my tehpeng? :) so thats a set meal! SO WORTH IT. Only RM16

After breakfast I spent the whole day at the Theme Park, sadly i didn't bring my camera in. Hahaha so sorry no photos!

But i brought my phone, and sat for the "scary" pirate train ride. Watch the video here.
and it wasn't scary at all.

It's damn nice, I swear!
Century Egg porridge!
Coke float!
Watermelon juice!
One of the best sandwiches I've ever tried!
Ferris Wheel
The clock!
AND I SHALL END Day 2 here.

DAY 3 - Heading to KL

had breakfast at a local kopitiam.
Never get sick of tehpeng.
Looks like American breakfast to me. Hahahaa

After breakfast, I took a coach bus down to KL straight and checked into a 4 star hotel, Federal Hotel! It's super nice can!
Wah shiok la! Triple Bed!
Can see Wang Leehom? :)
Hokkien Mee again. Hahahaha
Are you hungry yet? Sorry la, keep posting food. Make you guys hungry only! '
Okay, i was bored.
I love this shot! :)

and I shall end of with this photo, thanks for reading this long post. Anyways, I didn't shop a lot, mostly is all food. I'll be heading up to Genting and KL again in December and I promise to take more photos this time. Hahaha, so stay tuned by then. BYE.

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