November 24, 2011

Go shoppingggg arhhhh & new hair colour

Okay, I'm quite lazy to blog this week. ( Busy preparing for prom night *winkwink*) Many people are asking me to update my blog lol.. so I'll just do a short post, yesterday I went shopping with my 2 goooood friends! Elizaaaaa and Doralynn! Hahaha my regulars in my blog, by now if you stalk my blog, you should find their faces familiar!

Went to Arnold's ( A western fast food restaurant ) to have lunch! It's at City Plaza .
Ordered Fish and Chips!
This is damn nice, I swear. Hahahaha some platty meal with potato wedges etc.. served with cheese sauce


SOOOO, if you noticed my hair eventually became lighter because i went to bleached it again last week... i'm kinda not satisfied with the saloon because the hair colour I want dropped like shit. Let me show you...
This was LAST WEEK. I wanted dark grey and brown hair.

SOOOOO, After I washed my hair a few times,,, it became back to my previous colour, which is dark bleached brown..and this time is even lighter... Lol so I'm kinda pissed.. lol

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