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That's just stupid

Just a reminder if you are about to read this post, there maybe harsh words and it might offend some of you. If you feel uncomfortable, I suggest you not to read it.

Just because someone isn't in my life anymore, doesn't mean the memories about them aren't in my heart.

I would like to bring up this point especially people who are feeling alone, left out and suffering under misery. This person has been in my daily life, and we both share the same burden of load together. By comforting and cheering each other on f***ed up situations and sharing the joy everyday. I will not FAIL to talk you everyday because if I do I will have this urge and the temptation to do so.

Well, by now you will be thinking if I like the person or not? Yes, almost a year already. But after I found out her truth-self a while ago, it totally change my perspective of her and I will come to this topic later on. Many people often have the thinking of loving someone so badly but they can't tell the person because they fear of REJECTION. The is a very strong word as it refers to someone's heart and it can just be broken down into pieces with with a word "NO" or "Sorry, I believe you will find someone better than me."

Well, it's very easy to find out if the person is not interested in you anymore. I mean this also can be referred to "FRIENDS" not only "BGR". When you like a person, you will want to make friends with he or she first and slowly get to know the person better. After that you will start texting him/her everyday asking the person out, texting "What are you doing? almost all the time." You will think that your are one step closer to getting him/her. Well either the person will feel touched and start to have feelings for you OR they judge you by the looks and reject you immediately. Some will just be making use of you only because of MONEY and enjoy free load of stuff, etc. Food, money, soft toys, bags. Honestly, this is part of our lives once you make the wrong decision, *BOOM* it's just over, so choosing the right person is also must be a wise choice.

People are like that, if they dislike you, what things you do, they won't like it and find it annoying even though it's not annoying you. You know sometimes people will just annoyed by me and it's like I never do anything wrong. Why are you doing this to me? Sending me single text messages making me feel like an IDIOT is already bad enough but criticizing about how I look or my personality infront of everyone? THAT IS JUST TOO MUCH

Ignorance is a Bliss.

I suggest what I can do is to IGNORE for the time being. I have once spoken to a counselor about this matter. What I have to do is heck care what the person is doing and SLOWLY the person that is annoyed with you will start to lose you. It's like walking away silently without anyone knowing.
This will increase the awareness of the person and eventually they will WANT you back. But if you are really those black-hearted people, I'm sorry I can't help! If your mind is filled with the person, you will keep on thinking what have you done wrong and it will worsen your situation. She already don't like you anymore, why are you sticking to her? Just move on and get on with life. I believe that everyone has their on feelings especially first sight love. YOU CAN'T STOP THAT.

It's just part and parcel of life. Sometimes I think that everyone is actually the same. Like for sure, someone will leave, then the same things happen again. I guess it is a way to make you stronger and meet even more heartless people in society next time. Maybe in the outside world, there are even more heartless people than what's happening to me now and I have witnessed it.

My conclusion of this post is to tell everyone not to be upset if a person doesn't want to talk to you anymore. There are plenty more of fishes out there for you to choose and I'm sure, you and I will find the right person one day in life. Don't waste your time on STUPID people because you will end up feeling the same thing like me all over again regardless FRIENDS OR in a relationship! I shall end post with a photo of me.

If you know me well enough, you should understand how I feel now. Let's put unhappiness behind and conquer this together!

i know i look like alien. HAHAHA.


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