December 31, 2011

Let's conclude 2011

2011, yes! It's been a tough year filled with dramatic stories, stressfulness, relationships and friendships. You cannot stop them because this is life. I know la, that's what everyone thinks. I still think that enjoying yourself will be a better choice. So why not let me rewind a bit and show you guys what happened this year? Shall we? ( *plays dramatic music* )

January 2011
I'm glad that I still keep the photos!
My ridiculous short and ugly hair. ( Ikea food )

February 2011
Miss me with braces back then? :D
The troll face LOL.
Omg, I can't believe I went to town with a simple shirt, shorts and slippers -.-
Gabriel's moment of glory on my blog

March 2011
My 2 awesome juniors!
LOL Me again! I know I look super $%%$# Hahahaha

Not talking about my fat view here, but i look kinda nice here right?
My last glance before leaving the campsite!
( Webcam photos )
Meet the 四大天王 !!
BECAUSE OF ME, I passed my "vain" disease to my whole squad.

Again, not the smile but I look good in here :D
Can you spot me? Lol, apparently i was squashed like roti prata.

So my NPCC life kinda ended at March 2011, so after 4 years of learning drill & campcraft knowledge and experiencing what does it feels like to be in a uniform group. I have finally passed out from NPCC. I DO MISS THE HARDSHIPS AND THE FUN!!!

April 2011 - September 2011

  • April 2011 - UncleTehPeng was established
  • June 2011 - Finally Removed my braces!
  • July, August, September - VERY QUIET!
For that period, my blog was very quiet (: Didn't have time to blog because of school, exams etc.

The Chubby Bunny Challenge!

I sure miss study groups!
Remember this!? hahahaah I took photo with Qiuqiu!

Doralynn! No longer a new face on my blog!
My 2 awesome best fwens!
Omg I hate my hair!
NDP' 10 clique!

Kitty with short hair!!
Regine, Mei Han, Adam & Doralynn
Moments trying to use my piano chair to take photos without a camera stand!
October 2011 - November 2011

  • Dyed & rebonded my hair!
  • Graduation
  • Work


Helium Video!

11:11 with Maria!
Prom Night!
Work!! - Blonde Damien
My class photo! (:
and I shall end my photos here (:

I hoep you guys enjoyed your 2011, and ready for 2012, because I have a feeling it's going to another year of torture and stress lol. Although, I still wish to stay in 2011 because it's like the year where I have made the most memories, but this is life. You still have to move on with your life achieving your dreams.

Hmmmmm talking about my goals and new year resolutions, they will be at my next blogpost. LOL this post is meant to squeeze everything that happened throughout the year in a nutshell.
So I hope you have enjoyed 2011, and it's gonna be an awesome year next year "2012" - *gives the weird expression". And yes it's my final post already! BYEEEEEEE LOTS OF LOVE TO 2011! See you in 2012, lol sounds so long. OKAY SEE YOU TOMORROW! :D It's New Year's Eve remember to stay happy horr!

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