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Prom Night 2011

Okay, if you are reading this, THEN GOOD make sure you scroll down until the end of this blogpost because I can guarantee you that there will be loads of photos.. The highly anticipated blogpost is finally up.. I have been mugging for the blogpost for many days le. Until I decided not to photoshop the photos because there were too many photos.. So I hope you will enjoy reading this post (:

Firstly, I didn't expected that my preview blogpost for this post would become a blast. Soo it's the moment you guys have been waiting for....


30 November 2011


I wore quite simple, cos usually for a guy's outfit, it will be a long sleeve shirt, tie and blazer or the very common vest and bow tie, which makes you look like a waiter lol. Unlike girls, or ahem "ladies" have many different varieties of dresses they can choose regardless long or short, they will still look good. I'M NOT BIAS but it's true.

So for me, I was in a dilemma because I don't know what to wear.. so I went to get suspenders because it's less common and wanted to wear a bow tie but sadly it was out of stock so I ended up using my old black thin tie but it still can match la! At first I don't know if I should wear a belt or not because many people told me that if you wear suspenders and you go and wear a belt you will look ridiculously stupid. so I decided not to wear. Luckily my pants wasn't that loose. So I kinda prepared my prom night clothes in less than a day... I went to visit the saloon and went to rebond my fringe again. ( I know it's totally spoilt already but who cares ) i'm gonna shave it next month. *wink wink* Okay I'm going out of topic. So shall we begin with the photos?

Cabbed down from Tampines all the way to City Hall, Chijmes. I was shock the taxi fare $32.50, it's not surprising as it was peak hour and still have to pay for the ERP.. WOW. Luckily, I went with my friends, we split the payment lol.

OH YEA, before you see the photos, I don't know what's wrong with me on that night! I can't seem to smile with my teeth properly -.-"

Now will be less talking more on photos! So please enjoy (:

meet the pretty ladies on my table! From the left, Shi Hong, Evelyn, Mei Han, Dorlaynn and dearest Elizabeth, my bestie (:
Can't do anything about the lighting.. it was very poor. SO YELLOW..
Ivan and Daniel looking good.
Leona, Doralynn & Qin Pin
Tried with flash.. Hahahaha
Nazia & I
Wah Leona so different arh!
Leona & Kitty~
This one got Qin pin (:
Shi Hong and Duriel (:
Started using flash!
Can you believe this is Quan le? Hahaha so different
This shot was kinda fail! HAHAHA
Zelia and I!
Class photo

FOR MORE PHOTOS GO MY FACEBOOK CHECK! ( referring to my my fb friends only! )


I'll also like to apologize for another matter, you must be thinking, "CHEH, this blogpost so boring..." i'm so sorry! This blogpost is quite last minute, and I don't really have the time to blog. Now i'm packed with work and many many stuff! I'm deeeeply sorry! It's not my best but I'll better next time!


Done, so that's all for prom night. Hahaha it's the best prom ever...Thanks for reading.. and see ya'll!


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