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Elephant Parade Mission! - Half Accomplished!

A week ago, Maria called me up and told me if I wanted to go on a trip to search for elephants around Singapore. Have you seen the elephant statues around Orchard? Very good example is the one at Somerset 313.

I'm 100% sure you have seen this the outside of 313.


More about this exhibition, elephants are placed around in Singapore, most of them are in Orchard, 25 are in Singapore Zoo and a few are at Vivocity. Each elephant statues has it's own meaning and a special name and of cos each with a very unique design. So you are probably thinking what are they going to do with the elephants after this certain event. They are gonna auction it and place it somewhere after that.


( This is only valid for lazy people that don't want to read my blog and you can watch this video instead ) - Part 1 only...
SO IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR PART 2 THEN TOO BAD! :D You will just have to read my blog for the full details.

So Maria & my goal was to find all of the elephant statues and take photos with each and every one of them. At first, she told me that this is going to be some crazy attempt, I was like why not try it out? But as what the title has said, it is half accomplished because we can't possibly finish it in one day so our goal was to take as many as we can. There are a total of 100+ elephants btw!

As for my usual routine, I met Maria at City Hall, because I promise to go eat with her at a buffet restaurant. Supposed to meet her at 1130. She came at 12pm and for the first time I was not LATE. You know how happy can I be? :D

Lunch-ed at Kuishin-Bo buffet restaurant. The meal cost me a bombed but it's worth it for all the raw salmon you can eat.
heeheheh I love Japanese foood! (L)
Maria's plate is like all so organized la!!
Udon soup. uhmmmmmm so yummy!!
Crab meat coleslaw. WAHH DAMN NICE SIA...
Hahahaha this is fried potato.
Teriyaki sauce with Salmon
Wahhhhhhh hungry or not ?

LOL, I was quite lazy to take photos so I only took a few. I like had massive rounds of raw salmon. Keep eating nonstop. LOL.
Aiyo, look at her tummy!? Hahahah so bloated!
TROLOLOLOL, mine was none the less better. Oh wait! I always have a fat tummy.

If would have been a better idea, if we took a before and after shot HAHAHA

After lunch, we decided to visit the zoo first. (Actually I was rather excited to look for animals then the elephant statues ) Okay confession made. Please don't come and attack me, MARIAA!
We finally made it to the Zoo!! Despite the long transportation after sitting in the bus. My butt pain.
I look totally terrible without photoshop lor... Hahaha we finally got our tickets.Their so cute la!! like can use it as a bookmark!

Time for elephant searchhhhh!!!!! there are 25 of them in the Zoo
Caucasian kids wanted to take too Hahahaa
This elephant was one of my favourites!!
Learnt something from here :)
White TIGER!!!
Hippopotamus sooo cute!!
Giraffe! Seriously, I was keep on mistaken as a tourist because of my hat.
Shhhhhhh! Lions!!!
I thought this was cute!
Maria trying on my hat!!
Does this entertains you?
I wish was as tall as the giraffe!!

Jumps shots are always nice! Thumbs up for beautiful scenery!
Leopard cat!
\This one nice right?
Golden elephant!!
Penguins my favourite animal!
Resting at the REAL elephant area for awhile!!! Hahaha at this time the zoo was about to close.

Missing out some Kangaroos?
Maria is a jungle girl!
If you are wondering what happen to the real kangaroos, they were all hiding! Then i can't take any of them!!!
Went to see really cute horses after that!

Exited the zoo and found 2 more elephant statues!
We left the zoo after that and headed to Orchard!!! *damn tiring I swear* Fell asleep in the bus while on the way to the train station!

We only covered half of the elephants in Orchard!

Singapore Tourist Centre

Somerset 313



Angry bird version of the elephant! HAHAHA

Orchard Ion!

OKAY I SHALL END HERE!!!! Omgggggg Finally ended this post! Hahahaha super tiring uploading the photos. Really had a great time with Maria, searching for the elephants. Although we only complicated half of it only! But I got the feeling of accomplishment now! Thanks for reading this post! and video will be up soon! SEE YA!!! (:


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