January 1, 2012


HAPPY 2012

Although it's 2 Jan 2012, I'm gonna cheat a bit and set the date to 1st Jan. So is 8 days till my birthday? i'm not sure if I should expect a lot or not. They said that the release of o level results will be on my birthday? SO YEA GOODLUCK ALL!

My list of goals for 2012

  • Hopefully I will slim down by the end of the year ( 75kg ) my goal!
  • No grudges with anyone
  • Get EOS 60D
  • More friends
  • Do well for O levels
  • More readers on my blog
  • Commit more to church
  • Gonna improve my chinese

I don't expect a lot for this year la but I will try to complete the list above! (:

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