March 10, 2012

The Fat challenge

I'm going to challenge myself to lose weight and making this official on my blog. I have been trying to lose weight but it always fail because FOOD are always tempting me and my eating proportions are very scary. That's why, I'm going to promise my readers in this post that I'm going to work hard to lose weight.

Some people told me that I lost weight, but it is all behind photoshop.

As I'll reveal my actual weight now: 86kg ( omg -.-" )

So my goal is to lose to 70kg ( average guy weight for a 17 year old kid )

So i'm actually not far away but I can actually do it.

Deadline for this challenge is: 10 December 2012

Let's see how am I going to control myself and learn to lose weight. I made a promise on my blog I'm going to do it!

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