March 30, 2012

I love Filipino food !

Hi guys! Last blogpost for this month! Met up with Maria in town to have a late lunch before her work start! Maria told me that she wanted to eat Filipino food (Philippine cuisine) since last week and has been hitting me to go eat with her so we went to Lucky Plaza at Orchard today.
yummy yummy... :)
This was $4.50. Mutton and soup! 4/5
This soup was quite sour but after a few spoons of it, it actually taste not bad! 4.5/5
"Can we eat now?, I'm super hungry!"
This was mine! $4.50 also! 4.5/5
I have to praise about this dish! Is simply delicious! Creamy + sweet taste! 5/5

I'm definitely coming back to eat again!

After lunch, I sent Maria to work and took a photo with this pokemon.
So cute right?!

Byeee! (:

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