March 8, 2012

The Lorax Movie Review

Met up with Maria to watch Lorax at town!

Before the movie

We went to eat at Pastamania!
We ordred the same thing! Pastamania's newest item, Cheesy Bacon Spaghetti. It was not bad but it was abit dry.

After lunch, Maria went to get new ear rings!
close up lol.

Movie Review on The Lorax

Overall, I rate this movie 6/10. The voices of the cast in the movie includes Taylor Swift & Zac Efron. It is quite a funny show. Suitable for family to watch! Some parts are boring but it all brings the movie to a point that we need to save our trees because they are LIMITED. Throughout the movie, it shows how a guy didn't appreciate trees and he started cutting down the trees so that he can use them for his "invention". In the end, he regretted because all the trees have been cut down and he can no longer make money. Yeah, the rest you go see for yourself! Because I'm a spoiler. LOL. But Lorax was cute! (:

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