March 11, 2012

Mini UncleTehpeng :D

Hehehe, found some of my old childhood photos! You can see mini uncletehpeng from here!

I love pacifiers!
I still remember I used to love this outfit!
hello, I love drawing!

Okay, I look so ah beng

My favourite ride of all times :) Okay who doesn't?

Wah, didn't know I have straight hair last time!

Used to bully my brother a lot!

Time to lose weight, DAMIEN!

My pokemon birthday cake!
My first trip to Escape Theme Park!

This was when I was 9!

10 year old, uncletehpeng

I really miss my childhood! Didn't know I look so cute last time hahaha! #nobodypraiseyounoneedsadjustpraiseyourself


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