April 18, 2012


Sorry that I took so long to blog, I have mia-ed from blogging for the past 2 weeks. Feel so guilty if I don't blog! I have been busy with school work! Hehehe! Oh yea, another reason I didn't blog cause my photoshop was giving me problems. Glitches here and there! It's fixed now!

6 April 2012

Met up with Kiyomi , Gim Hui, Michelle, Jody & Vivian today! We met around 4pm today because it was kinda like a last minute plan. Thought we would meet up for a late lunch! So all met up at Cineleisure!

Lunch-ed at Javier's Salad Bar!
This was "fill a plate" only $8.90 you can take whatever you want !! SO WORTH IT!! Shared with Kiyomi!! The uncle actually told us that we confirm cannot finish but...
We managed to finish up everything and still HUNGRY! But i felt guilty cos I finished most of it LOL!! HAHAHA

With Jody!
With Michelle, a.ka @mitchthelion HAHA added the beard for fun!
Feels so great to see Vivian!

Alright! Bye! :)

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