May 14, 2012


Hi guys sorry for not updating my blog for so many days. Reasons are because I don't have the time to blog. I have been very busy with school work and not being able to concentrate on blogging. I swear I haven't been to town for the past 3 weeks. Just for this month of May and early June, my exams are all around the corner and my schedule is already fully pack. Therefore it has made me neglected my blog up till now. In this situation right now what I can do is to study hard and await for good results. *Cross Fingers*

Hehe, I know I owe you guys a photo blogpost of the month and I haven't took the new photos yet. I will do it very soon maybe after this week because I'll be completing 2 of my modules this week so it's like half of my workload will soon be vanished.

I can assure you that June there will be more exciting posts coming up!! so continue to read my blog! Don't forget me!!

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