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Domino's Pizza iPhone App Launch - OMY

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Hi guys! So happy to be blogging for Domino's Pizza again! This would be my 2nd time attending a Domino's Pizza event! Read my previous blogpost about it here. I got invited to the launch of their iPhone application event organised by Dominos Pizza and held on 7 June 2012 at The Singapore Flyer.

More about the iPhone Application:

Domino's Pizza, the World's Pizza Delivery Experts™ makes pizza ordering exciting with the launch of "Domino's At Your Fingertips" iPhone app a platform designed for mobile ordering, letting your fingers do the talking, while on-the-go. Soft-launched on May 1, the Domino's Pizza app is a winner, making it No.1 Lifestyle app in Singapore within three weeks of soft-launch attracting more than 20,000 downloads!

This application is easy to navigate and was developed to deliver yet another added platform to allow greater connivence for consumers that would allow them to plan and place as well as track their orders using the GPS tracking device.

Sadly to say that this is application only available for iPhone users only, SORRY android users!

How to download this application? Very simple! Let me show you!

Step 1: Open up your App Store and search for dominos

Step 2: Click on Domino's SG and click INSTALL and don't worry this application is FREE

Step 3: and it will start downloading

Step 4: TADA!!! Can use the app already!

Now let's explore the functions in the application!
You will be greeted with Domino's Pizza logo with neon lights of the border!! Very pretty

This is the home page and the first thing you will see is the "Highlights of the Day" featuring many different promotions that are currently happening.

In Domino's Deal tab, you can see the range of incredible meals (which I always order) depending how many people are going to eat, you can choose which set you want. Super worth it! Not only incredible meal but there are also other promotions going on too.

If you don't like set meals/combo there is also an A la Carte section too! You can choose the many range of pizzas/sides/beverages.
You can redeem your coupon from this section.

There is also a Help section if you encounter any problems ordering.
Domino's Pizza is the first pizza company in Singapore to introduce the 'GPS Tracker' which allows customers the added convenience to keep tabs on the status of their food order from the moment it is ordered to the moment it leave the store of delivery, enhancing customer experience.

Lastly, you will need to sign up an account after you download the application in order to use this application! Very convenient and makes our lives more easier!

For first time orders via i-Phone app, customers will receive a FREE CHOCOLATE LAVA* cake -coupon redeemable on their purchase made via iPhone app. Each 50th lucky customer will enjoy a FREE REGULAR* PIZZA credited as an i-Coupon redeemable on next purchases made via iPhone.

*Valid for a limited time only. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Other than the app store you also can find this application or at the following link:

Domino's Pizza brings 4 key unique selling prepositions! to it's customers

  1. 30 minute delivery guarantee
  2. Product satisfaction guarantee
  3. Free Delivery
  4. Nett Pricing
4 wonderful benefits!! I'm sure you will love it! Especially the FREE DELIVERY charge!!

For more information you can visit their website:

Now for some photos I took at the event launch I met many bloggers and made quite a number of new friends!

Took a photo with a guy wearing a costume of an iPhone with Domino's App on it!

Now for some food sampling they provided!

Yummy pizza lined up for us!
Random balloons which I thought was nice.
Yummy chicken wings & onion rings!

After some food we then proceed on to the Singapore Flyer for a ride! *excited*

Actually the last time I visited the Singapore Flyer was a year ago and it somehow had a mini renovation inside and there are new stuff now!
Walking towards the capsule and everyone was busying taking out their cameras and snap, snap snap!
Boarded the capsule! It was really high! All people below were really tiny!
Beautiful Singapore! Despite seeing the busy roads at the expressway!
Another chio shot!
A group photo with the other bloggers in the same capsule with me!
Instagram photo!

After the ride we headed for dinner at a restaurant called O' Learys, Sports Bar & Grill for Dinner. It was also located at Singapore Flyer
Dinner was served in this restaurant.
Domino's are super generous! Hahaha feed us so much food! :x

At my table...
Bloggers Aidan and Mag! They are really intractable and nice to talk too!
Blogger Tiffany sat beside me (:

Introducing some of my awesome new friends I made...
Name: Tiffany Wong
Hahaha she was the first friend I made during the event! I was really shy and nervous to talk to anyone else! Haha Tiffany has super nice and funny character! Enjoying talking to her a lot! She's nominated for SG Blog Awards, running for Gmarket BEST Online Shopping Blog! Do vote for her!

Name: Miranda

Actually I knew her a long time ago, I did mention her in a few of my blogposts before. Haha finally saw her in real life! Vote for her at SG Blog Awards! She's currently running for Best Vlogger Award!

Met her while I was on the way walking towards the capsule! Haha is her first time attending this event! She's super hilarious and funny! Hahaha we both kept chatting and laughing alot.

And another blogger I didn't had a chance to took photo with her was:

As to conclude this blogpost! I really had a great time with all the bloggers that attended this event. Special thanks to Domino's Pizza & Omy that invited me to this event! It was really an enjoyable event! I am sure looking forward for more of these types of events in the future! Thanks for reading! Bye (:


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