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SHINE Youth Festival 2012 Media Conference - OMY

Got invited by to attend the SHINE Youth Festival 2012 Media Conference.

Was really fascinated by the event because I have never been to a media conference before so I was looking forward to it!
Hahaha I have the "red carpet" feeling! Outfit of the day, was really simple!

The event started around 1045am. Luckily I came early, expected to be a bit late but the train was really fast this morning!

The conference started with a performance, Gleeful Moments by Pitch to SHINE finalist, John and Deniece Glee studios. They performed Celebration by Kool & The Gang! Oh yea Glee kinda means Show Choir, Singing + Dancing.
They were all in retro/dicso outfits! - I think it was to match with the song!
Love this part of the performance! They were doing the "robot dance'!!
One of the singers! This shot was really nice!
I love his outfit! He was one of the male vocal leads!

The whole performance was really awesome, got everyone energetic and enthusiastic. They really reminded me of the Glee I watch every time! Was really impressed by their performance!

After the performance, it was the introduction and panel discussion by the Chairman of SHINE 2012, Mr Martin Tan and Mr Muhammad Nabil, Co-Chair, SHINE Organising Committee.

About SHINE Youth Festival

SHINE Youth Festival is a festival that features an exciting line up of events and activities. The festival is a platform for youth between the ages of 15 - 35 to pursue their interest, and showcase and use their talents and creativity to promote worthy causes and give back to the community. This festival is a platform to encourage youth to take the lead in ground-up initiatives, as highlight the good work of local youth organisations in nurturing and developing youth leaders.

The SHINE Youth Festival returns with a fiery heart for the community this year! Themed "Aspirations", SHINE 2012 enables youth to unleash their aspirations and passion for the community through two bran new initiatives - Pitch to SHINE and Pledge to SHINE!

What is Pitch to Shine?

It was launched early this year to identify and fund youth projects that promote worthy causes and make difference in the community, A total of 16 projects with themes "Youth Culture", "Youth Sports" and "Youth Action" will be carried out during SHINE 2012.

The Theme "Aspirations" for SHINE Youth Festival 2012

No dream is too big to achieve if you believe in it. It serves to inspire the youth community to act on their passions and make a difference in their community and the world. SHINE Youth Festival is a springboard for youth to pursue their dreams; it is a platform for youth to step out their comfort zones and lead projects that showcase their individual interests, and to become shining example for youth action in Singapore.

After the Q&A session by them it was a talk by NUH "Dreamcatchers".
They were talking about the topic of Chronic Illness, it was trying to bring out the message that Chronic Illness is not disabling. You are still be able to pursue your dreams and aspirations.

"The secret of learning to be sick is this: Illness doesn't make you less of what you were. You are still you. "
- Tony Snow

“Don’t expect the future to look like the past. Clear away expectations, and let yourself picture a wild, grand new world.” Martha beck

Dreamcatchers are from National University Hospital. It is an adolescent chronic illness group with the slogan: "Dreams Hope. Inspire". It is made up of a group of unique youths that hold on firmly to belief that chronic illnesses are not disabling, and represents the possibilities if one dares to dream and put their hearts to it.

There will be an exhibition of the Project Dreamcatchers. It is a creative visual arts exhibition featuring artworks by chronic illness patients depicting the theme of aspirations. This projects hopes to inspire youth, be it youth with chronic illnesses or without, and highlight that there is so much that can be achieved if they dare to dream.

Come and support them!

Date: 27 July 2012 - 29 July 2012
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre

Pledge To Shine

How you can do your part? A new portal "Pledge To Shine" has been launched for youths! Share your aspirations online with other youths and pledge how you’re going to achieve it at the Pledge to SHINE portal. "The purpose of this is to enable youth to break their aspirations down into actionable and achievable tasks, and at the same time, benefit the community. " - said Mr Martin Tan, Chairman of SHINE Youth Festival. Pledge to SHINE hopes to ignite a renewed commitment in youth to actively to contribute to their communities. It hopes to inspire and enable more social movements among youth today. Helps them to find unique and creative ways to have a positive impact in today's society.

Alright, less talking! I'll be showing you guys an example on how to do it! So let's do it together now!

Step 1: Type in on your address bar!

Step 2: and you will see the website.

Step 3: Click on Pledge To Shine Portal

Just click on it and it will direct you to another page.

You will need to register for an account in order to pledge!

Step 5: Pledge Now!

After you have signed up, you will reach this page.

And type in your pledge! Hahaha this is my pledge!

So what does take action does?
Every time you have completed something related to your pledge you can record it down and add the action you have done!

There are prizes to be won if you take part in the pledge!

1) Category A (Highest Number of Votes)

A grand prize, the Alienware X51, will be awarded to the Pledge Maker with the highest number of votes (denoted by the number of chillies on his/her profile).

2) Category B (Most Meaningful Pledge)

Depending on the number of entries received during the Period, the Organiser will determine the winners by first streamlining the entries to the top few percent. Pledge Makers will be judged on their sincerity, creativity and/or ability to make the greatest impact when following up on their pledges. After the entries are streamlined, a ballot will be held to find three lucky winners who will each walk away with an attractive prize.

3) Category C (Voters Lucky Draw)

Those who vote are also eligible for a special lucky draw. A total of 20 names will be drawn and each winner stands to walk away with a token of appreciation.

How to vote?
At the bottom you will see the total of chilies/rating, just click SHARE and 1 vote will be counted!

At the side you will also get to see other people's pledges! If you like it, you can vote for them!

So what are you waiting for? Come and pledge your's today! Find out more and visit their website!

Some of the bloggers I met during the media conference!
Group photo of all the bloggers that came for the conference.

Her name is Christina! Check out her blog:

Her name is Joey! Check out blog:

Her name is Noelle! Check out her blog:

The middle girl is called Eileen! Check out her blog:

Her name is Hui Jun! Check out her blog:

You all remember Miranda from my previous post?! :)
Check out her blog:

and yes, some other bloggers that I didn't had the opportunity to take photos with!

Emily -
Regine -

So thats the end of this post! I really had fun today at the media conference! (: Continue to support SHINE Youth Festival as they got a lot of events coming up in the upcoming month!

and I shall end the blogpost with a another group photo! (:
Byee (:


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