July 14, 2012

Ice Skating @ Jcube!

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of blogposts! School just reopened and I cannot adapt to the new timetable! I'm really exhausted and drained out during the past whole week. Finally it's the weekends so I have the time to blog!

Went ice skating with Huijin and Regine after our blogging event (will blog about in the next post) ! Hehehe, since I travelled so far all the way from the east side, decided to hang around at JCube longer so I ended up going for an ice skating session!! ^.^

Some photos before I left my DSLR inside the locker!
Regine pinching her cheeks! Sooooo cute!
I'm actually quite tempted to get my own skates!
Hehehehe! happy girl about to put on her skates!
She wore these super comfy socks from Huijin!

Instagram photos!

Spent an awesome afternoon with them!! ^.^ See ya!! 

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