September 7, 2012

Just a few updates!

Some photos to keep you guys updated since I haven't been blogging much! Taking a time out from studying now! Hahaha also restoring my sister's iPad and after restoring it's gonna be mine!

Photos from my instagram! (no photoshop):
Steamboat with RBS clique!
While waiting for train...
Zelia & I!! (:

Food Spam
328 Katong Laksa mmhmmm!!
Omelette Egg Rice with sausage from school.
KFC Breakfast
Cream pasta from Kungfu Paradise!
Cheese wedges from Kungfu Paradise!
Salmon Mushroom Pasta from Swensens.
Ice cream from Swensens.
Toast Box Kaya Bread
Lao Ban Tao Huey!
Subway, Cold Cut Trio!
Fail pancakes made by me.
Some chicken wrap..
Baked Curry chicken chop rice!

Okay see ya soon!

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