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My Experience at Sentosa Spooktacular 2012!!

Sponsored Event 

Hi guys! I got invited to attend the media preview of Sentosa's Spooktacular at Fort Siloso! I was able to bring a friend along to the event so I brought Tiffany along with me!! I was afraid to go alone! It's better to be in pairs than alone! In case if some of you guys don't know, I have a bit of phobia that I'm scared of blood! So when I look at it! I will just turn sick instantly, but it's great to have a company to come along with me!

Some here are some facts before you want to read the rest of this blogpost.

  1. It is the first time Fort Siloso is being used as a Sentosa Spooktacular venue.
  2. This is also the first time that Fort Siloso is open at night. It usually closes at 6pm.
  3. Sentosa also known as Pulau Blakang Mati *Malay means the "Island (pulau) of Death (mati) from Behind (belakang)
  4. The average age of our Asian ghosts range from 1 year old to 2,186 years old.
  5. This is NOT the USS Halloween Event, this is another Halloween Event located at Fort Siloso.
  6. More than 10,000 tickets were sold in Sentosa Spooktacular 2011.

There are many different types of stories about how Sentosa got this name!! If you would want to take your time to read! 

Story 1: 
Some said this island was once an island of the dead with graveyards and cemeteries. Sentosa was pirate-infested and bore stories of epic battles between local inhabitants and pirates. In the end, the pirates won the fight and dominated this island, making it their lair and stronghold. The past was filled with gruesome murder, thus attributing to the name Pulau Blakang Mati.

Story 2:
The island was the material paradise of warrior spirits buried at Pulau Brani, and hence the island got its name, Pulau Blakang Mati.

Story 3:
In the late 1840s there was an outbreak of disease (Blakang Mati Fever)on the island in the late 1840s almost wiped out the original Bugis settlers on the island.

Met up with Noelle and her friend, John! We decided to stick together during the whole event!! 

On the train on the way to Beach Station! 

Tiffany and Noelle looks excited too! Hehehe!
This is how the entrance looks like! Okay is it me or the image of the ghost at the side looks abit realistic? 

Before we really get into it, here are some history background about Fort Siloso if you are really clueless about it.

The word Siloso is derived from a Malayan word meaning rock ( Sanskrit root : Sila ). There was a huge rock at the mouth of Singapore's harbour which was very dangerous to shipping


The Fort Siloso was built in the early 1880s to aid in protecting the port. It was part of Singapore's coastal defence along with Fort Serapong and Fort Connaught in Blakang Mati, as Sentosa was then called.

World War II 

Fort Siloso was a coast artillery battery, one of twelve coast artillery batteries which made up ‘Fortress Singapore’ at the start of World War Two. The forts were built to defend the land against sea invasion from the south. During World War II, the Fort's guns were turned 180 degrees inland to defend against land invasion by the Japanese Army in the west. The Fort's guns were fired at Japanese positions and troops who were advancing toward the city from Tengah Airfield.

Killing Fields and Sentosa Prison Camp 

Fort Siloso continued to serve the Japanese as a Prisoners Of War Camp until the end of the war. British and Australian soldiers captured by the Japanese were thrown into the prison and tortured.

So for this year's Spooktacular event at Sentosa there are....

  1. About 300 staff in total are involved in the making of Sentosa Spooktacular, humans and non.
  2. There are 450 skeletons and skulls involved in Sentosa Spooktacular 2012.
  3. The number of ghosts residing at Fort Siloso this year totals to about 200.

You can see many ghost such as, 

The Pontianak, Ghost Bride, Dead Soilder, Jiang Shi (Chinese Vampire) and many more!!! 

So there are a total of 5 trails you can explore at Sentosa Spooktacular 2012 @ Fort Siliso and are as follows:

  • Ouija Board
  • Camp Berhant
  • Deadly Doll Studio
  • The Land of Lost Souls
  • The Last Sequel

Okay! Let's proceed with the photos and let's start exploring Fort Siliso!

Was greeted by this chinese ghost holding something that looks like a broom stick. Hahah this ghost has braces! Wow!!! 

Can you see the Chinese talisman?

A-Go-Go ghost!! ^.^

Another one featuring the skeleton on the ground!

Friendly ghost selling beverages!
Looks like trishaw riders!

British soilders!! Hahaha! They go around screaming at people! 

Mmhmm! This ghost is so interesting! Love the outfit!

I don't know what ghost is this.. 

A tree decorated with skull heads! Looks creepy! 

This ghost is soooo adorable! HAHAHA! He looks like the miniature version of Hulk! 

They only come out at night hunting for food!

This lady ghost just suffered a miscarriage!! 

We explored the first trail, The Land Of The Lost Souls! We somehow entered into an Airplane! 

Pretty uh?! :) "sawadee ka, welcome aboard to our airline!! "

Another air stewardess at your service! 
Entering the tunnel!

This way please .... and I got surprised by this ghost trying to grab me! HAHAHA!! 

After this we had to go up the staircase!!

Fierce Thai boxer!! 

Welcome to Thailand!
Photo with Thai Ladyboy ghost!!


Okay, this is scary...

Sir, this way please...

Pretty ghost!!! Hahaha!

Attempting to eat this piece of brain!! 

My favourite picture of the night!! 

Clinic at your left.....

Dead skeleton!

Girl on the wheelchair!! 

That's the end of the first trail!! It looks like a long process right that's why you definitely have to come to Spooktacular 2012!

Satay Man!!! 

Japanese ghost tearing blood...

Chinese ghost all chained up!

Have you seen my boyfriend?

Creepy policeman! 

Next trail is the Deadly Doll Studio!!


Please help me untie!!!

Stop looking at me!!


Why are you staring at me?
Welcome to the world of mirrors. 

Ghost beggar!!

Old lady walking around!!! :)

HAHAHA this solider posing while I hold his rifle! 

I'm looking for someone else to kill... 

I'm going to end here! Because I don't wanna become a big mega spoiler! I only featured 2 trails in my blogpost! There are 3 other more! For that you have to find out yourself! Come down to Fort Siloso and enjoy the spooks! Make sure to bring your cameras! More details below! 

Dates of event: 19 and 20 October, 26 - 28 October 2012 
Time: 7.00pm – 11.00pm (last entry into Fort Siloso at 10pm) 
Venue: Fort Siloso 
Price of tickets: Early bird $36 (Sold Out) Standard Rate $48 (All dates) 
Student rate $28 (Limited tickets valid for 19 and 20 Oct) 
Sentosa Islander enjoy 15% off (All dates; limited to 4 tickets per card. Not valid on event day)

*Please note that at the Camp Berhantu trail, only the first 100 pax will enjoy the interactive part of the trail (i.e. the laser tag). The rest of the guests will go through the trail without the laser tag guns.

Watch the video here:


Had so much fun with Tiffany, Noelle and John!!! ^.^ Many thanks to Omy for the invite!!! See ya!! 


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