December 31, 2012

Who I'm thankful for 2012

Hi guys! it's been a super long time since I write about a personal blogpost. Instead of rewinding the stuff I did in 2012, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone this year for supporting me all the way from the start and my loyal readers that have been reading my blog, so as my Facebook page, thank you for liking it for updates!

2012 has been a wonderful year, throughout this whole year I went through many changes. Let's start from myself, I actually learnt that you can only depend on yourself and not others because they are not going to give a shit about you. So for the past few months, I actually became more reliable and independent. You can't possibly let everyone to baby spoon feed you right? 

 As for my schoolwork, I gotten the best of the best I could get.

Can you believe it? 3 Distinction and 1 A. I swear I am not boasting about my results. I have been studying really very hard to achieve the grades I want. There was this period of time I totally cut off from blogging. My blog was totally dead and everyone has been asking me why I don't even update my blog. I have school to commit and I guess months of studying has all paid off!

The first group of people I'm thankful for is none other than my school clique. (CONFIDENTIAL GROUP NAME)


Couldn't thank you guys enough, thank you for being there for me all the time and accepting me in your clique. 1 year has passed very quickly and we have to go our own separate way and decide what are you going to do in the future. I had such an enjoyable time with you guys and I hope we will still keep in contact in the future! There were times that we were in doubt but we all overcome all sorts of circumstances that came into our way. The best moments of our memories will always me kept in my heart. I'm going to miss our lunch breaks together, especially Pei Yan never fails to make us laugh even at serious moments Hahaha! Traveling to Katong just to eat laksa, listen to me nag and bombing all sorts of nonsense, chatting during boring lectures and you guys for being a good team player.  FOR ALL THAT I REALLLYYYY GOING TO MISS YOU GUYS! (SO EMOTIONAL LOLOLOL)


You can play this song while reading *more emotional*

There are so many people I wanna thank but I'm also afraid that I would miss some people that I didn't mention! So I will not thank my friends personally on my blog because it will sound like it biased. So if you think that you are a good friend of mine, you should know who are you and where you stand.

So if you think that you are NOT a good friend of mine, but still a friend this is for you:
I'm glad that I met you in my life, thank you taking the effort to read this blogpost. Although we might just be friends and not that close, I hope that next year will be a better year for us. Maybe our friendship will become better than ever. Hoping that 2013, we will still keep in contact!

To close friends/cliques/BFF (if you assume you are): 
Thank you for being there for me all the time. When I needed help the most you guys are always there by my  side and I will not feel alone. It’s not where you are in my life, it’s who you have by your side that matters. Thank you for accompanying me to watch movie, shopping, makan and camwhore and attend events together. 2012 has been a super fast year and smooth year, Though they always say when you are 17 you get to enjoy the most, where got! I think ok only loh. But I'm still glad that I have you guys in my life :) I have no idea what I would be without you guys in life.

To friends that came in to my life and tried to ruin it:
Nothing to say. Go and stand at the corner and eat your banana.

To my readers:
and lastly, A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN READING AND SUPPORTING MY BLOG FROM THE START. It was a super large jump from last year in terms of blogviews, FB likes etc.. Though I only have like 3-5 post a month.. and I wasn't really active, I still try my best to blog as much as I can! I thank God and the courage of you guys giving me the strength to carry on this blog as I ever have thoughts of closing down this blog at the beginning of the year... I never regret not closing down this blog becuase I was given so many opportunities to attend events and I made so many new friends in the Blogosphere. To me, having a blog now, is not about FAME or how many readers you have per day or how many sponsors/event invitation you received, is all about the passion and the interest you have in it. Do you still remember how I even started out with 0 readers per day and even if no one reads it, I will still update my blog.

I promise that next year will another exciting year. A bit bu she de 2012 already...because I don't wanna turn 18, I want to stay 17 forever. How I wish time could just pause now. Hehe! Just hoping that 2013 will be a new beginning for me and I shall conclude 2012 here. See you next year (tomorrow)!! *WAVE GOOOODBYE*

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