January 30, 2013

My experience at Two Chefs Eating Place

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Hi guys, recently I was invited by Openrice to attend a food tasting session with other bloggers at Two Chefs Eating Place (Zi Char) also famously known for their signature dish, Buttered Ribs covered with milk powder...Sounds really good right? Some of you guys living at the West side might heard of the zi char restaurant before. I live in the east side so I don't really know the places around here as well! But my friends visited this place before and they all said that the food is good and the prices were also at an affordable range.

Two Chefs Eating Place

Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent (located near Commonwealth MRT Exit B)
Singapore 140116
Telephone Number: 6472 5361

This is how the place looks like! Zi char, coffee shop style!

Just look at the crowd! Looks like the business must be really good here. It is usually crowded and packed in the evening so be sure to make a reservation before you come!

Another photo of how the place looks like! I'm not kidding it's full house! Photo credits: http://chiamhuiy.blogspot.sg/

HAHA does this looks familiar ? Taking photos and post on instagram, etc! 
Photo credits: http://chiamhuiy.blogspot.sg/

Her name is Hui Yan! She's one of the bloggers that attended the food tasting. I can't believe she's not 18... hahaha! Cos she looks so young! Yes, teh peng is awesome.. *show peace sign*

First dish to be served:
Drunken cockles, $6.00 

I'm not a big fan of spicy food but love the super juicy taste when you bite onto it. It is served cold and it's very spicy for me, *depending on personal preferences if you try it yourself* and NO! I didn't got drunk! Hahaha. 

This is another blogger that I met at the event! Her name is Herine! She's a super nice person to talk too! Enjoyed talking with her throughout the dinner. I felt bad cos I was a left hander and I was afraid that I might hit onto her arm.

Second dish:
Vegetables with Egg, Salted Egg and Century Egg, $10

When I always eat zhi char or dine at any chinese restaurant.. this is a must to order... actually.. this is the only vegetable i'm willing to eat without complaining at all. It is cooked with 3 types of eggs. Normal egg, salted egg and century egg (my favourite). The dish is simply delicious, and you wouldn't want to miss out.

Third Dish:
Buttered Ribs (Pork Ribs In Milk Powder), $12 

This is the first time I heard of the combination of a regular food item seasoned with milk powder. The first thing that come into my mind when I heard of this dish... was baby milk powder.. but my guess was DEFINITELY wrong... it was condensed milk powder. 

Although it's a bit pricey, I think it's worth getting it because it has a unique taste, and you wouldn't regret after to put it inside your mouth. The meat was tender and juicy. Together with the milk powder, it taste like heaven... You must try it! I guess this was my favourite dish at Two Chefs.. it's their signature dish.. 

Forth Dish:
Pork Floss with Fried Buttered Prawns,  $20

This is my seocnd favourite dish. The prawn balls were juicy and delectable, topped with crunchy pork floss and mayonnaise, i
t is crispy on the outside. Very mouthwatering and simply delicious mmhmm! The price of this dish is $20, it's reasonable because prawn dishes are usually expensive. I am highly impressed with this dish and it totally fulfilled my satisfactory.

Fifth Dish:
Golden Mushroom Bean curd, $10

Beancurd, Tofu! If you guys did not know, I don't like tofu.. so I only took a small piece and try. The tofu was soft and tender, the sauce of this dish is sour and sweet and it will go well together if you put onto your rice and eat it. 

Enjoyed my time together with other bloggers! Thanks for the lovely invite by Openrice! Dinner was really fun with non-stop chatting.

Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Venue: 7/10
Food: 9.5/10

Conclusion: Overall, I rate Two Chefs Eating Place, 8/10. The food they served us (6 of us) were enough and the total cost of this meal was $64. It is roughly the same price if you eat at a regular zi char place. I am very happy with the food here and I'm definitely coming back with my family and friends!

From now till 31 January 2013, if you write 10 reviews on www.openrice.com and you will be automatically qualified a free food tasting session with openrice + a free scoop of Udders Ice Cream. How cool is that?!

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