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Lunch at Strictly Pancakes (Siglap)

Met up with my church friends for a quick lunch date on Good Friday after church. We were not supposed to consume meat on that day so we decided to go for pancakes. At the same time, it was incredibly hot in the afternoon. I remember checking my phone it was like 33 degree celsius, couldn't stand the horrifying weather so we ended up cabbing to Siglap. I must be crazy because I was wearing a pullover ._.


81 Upper East Coast Rd 
Singapore 455220 
Tel: 6448 7332

Opening Hours:
Mon:         1800 - 2200*
Tue - Thu: 1130 - 2200*
Fri:                 1130 - 0000**
Sat:                 1000 - 0000**

Closed from 1600* -1800
Sun:                 1000 - 2200*
Closed from 1600* -1800

It was kinda my second time at Strictly Pancakes. The last time I visited Strictly Pancakes was the outlet at Dhoby Ghaut before the Siglap outlet was open! Thank you for opening an outlet at the East side, now I don't have to travel all the way to town just to have pancakes.

If you love strawberries, you might want to pick this! Medium pancakes served with strawberries and berries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The sauce taste heavenly good! 

For the sweet tooth, you can give this a try. I don't know why but every time when I scroll down on my instagram I will always see people posting this "What-A-Spread" pancakes ($10).  They are peanut butter pancakes layered with Nutella spread, served together with 2 kinder buenos and a vanilla ice cream. By just looking at it, I bet it makes you wanna try it! Thumbs up for sprinkling the pancakes with icing powder!! I'm really tempted to try this the next time I visit Strictly. 

Picked out something more filling from the "Savoury" menu! The scrumptious and delicious garlic buttered prawns is definitely worth getting it for it's price of $14. They gave 3 medium stack pancakes topped off with generous amount of prawn and garlic sauce with fresh vegetables and tomatoes at the side. I wanted to order something from the "Sweet" menu at first but I could smell the aroma of this dish from another table so I decided to give this a try. Thus,  If you love cream and looking for something more filling, you must order this. 

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience at Strictly Pancakes except the waiting time is a bit too long because it was full house, I had to wait for 30mins! Not forgetting if it's full house you still need to wait for seats! So be sure to come prepared if you are intending to dine here. Never the less, GOOD PANCAKES ARE WORTH WAITING! :D Hmmm!!! Definitely one of the best pancakes I've tried so far.... :)

Alright! Shall end off with 4 more photos! :) 



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