April 2, 2013

Thank you and it's the end of #CNOS2

Hello hello! Finally, #CNOS2 has ended. I feel like one month has flew really fast and it's already April  2013. I'm about to pack my bags and start school soon (counting down 6 more days x.x). For the entire March, I was focusing on the competition, mugging for the blogpost and video for each challenge weekly. I still remember for the first challenge, I was almost 3/4 done and I accidentally press (control + z) and my entire blogpost was deleted and if you did not know blogger will automatically save your blogpost even if you accidentally deleted your content. I tried multiple times to retrieve it but it didn't work...That was one of my lessons learnt to back up all your content into a word document.

It's gonna be quite a wordy post, if you can't stand how I type or wanna puke after reading my horrible english, I suggest you to close this window now.

All my #CNOS2 Submission:

Food Challenge:
Entertainment Challenge:
Fashion Challenge:
Decoded Race:

Perfomances during the finals at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Noelle performing 爱你!!!

Jojo, Clinton and I performing Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

and "Marry You" by Bruno Mars with all the #CNOS2 participants!! Thank you Amanda for helping me film (xin ku ni le)

I came in 8th position for #CNOS2, I'm still happy and glad I made it to the Top 10. *sense of achievement*. Though sometimes, I wished I could have done better but at least I tried my best. My scores wasn't that bad but they were just average!

" Never give up on what you have. Always, hope for the best. When you lose hope, you realize that you are left with nothing. "

I guess why I didn't score that well was because most of my submission entries for the challenge was over-content. (meaning I over did it) and it was boring after you read it over and over again. I missed out creativity, humor and I couldn't stand out compared to the rest. I had a lot of my friends and readers telling me my blogposts were super informative lololol!! Thank you for that! Now I took note of the points, I promise to work even harder in the future learning from the top winners for this competition. I'm kinda hoping for a #CNOS4 because I won't be joining next year.

Never the less, I thank God for being with me all the time and helping me throughout each challenge. 

Outfit of the day on 30th March 2013!!!

Top: Blue pullover with pokadots (Asos)
Bottom: Uniqlo Jeans
Accessories: Cap & Silver cross necklace from Beadstreet
Shoes: Dr.Marts

I wanna thank a few important people that stand by me the entire competition!

Thank you for helping me when I needed help from you guys to help me film! Still remembering the times when I approached some of my other friends to help me and they will just turn me down immediately but this competition has also let me see through some of my friends. When you needed your friends the most and they are not there with you, it is one of the worst feelings ever. Real friends are always going to be there by your side, even at times when you tell them to leave.



After plans?! 

I have completely no idea. I don't know what's left for me in the future but I know it's gonna be good. My blogstats boosted up during #CNOS2 and I think that its kinda a good achievement for me. I guess I'm going back to my boring life of school and going to turn my blog into a food-porn site. I'm going to begin going on food hunting so I can share with you guys the good makan places in SG, since many of my followers on instagram are forever scolding me for posting food pics making them hungry. Hahaha! Not my fault ok! I cannot control. Previously I was a super "vain king" btw!


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