May 1, 2013

Celebrate Mother's Day with Humming

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Hi guys! Mother's Day is approaching and you have completely no idea what to give for your mother this year? Mother's Day is a day to thank your beloved mother for taking care of you since young and always staying by your side no matter what but what kind of gift would she want?

Ultimately when giving someone a gift, it is not the cost that matters but rather, it's the thought that counts and the sincerity of the heart when giving it that matters. Since I knew what my Mum likes best, I decided to give her a hamper by hamper that contains a variety of things...

So where can you order a hamper that can meet your budget and accommodate to your needs? :D

Humming Flowers and Gifts would definitely be my first choice because their services are not only fast and efficient. They are also one of Singapore's leading hamper companies offering more than 900 choices of customised flowers and gifts ideas for you to give to someone special. 

About Humming Flowers & Gifts 

They were also previously known as Humming House and was incorporated in January 2007.
They are an expert in local gifting customs, Humming has built a loyal customer base of individuals and corporations for over more than a decade. 

Mobile Site

Humming recently launched their mobile site making it easier for customers to take their orders from their phones other than using the computer. You can now view all the products at the comfort of your mobile anywhere you are! Best of all, it is NOT a phone application but you can access it directly from their website by typing in your internet browser. I'm going to show you a step by step on how to order a hamper from their mobile site. Trust me, it's super easy and convenient. 

Step 1: Type on your internet browser 

Step 2: and it will direct you to Humming's homepage 

Step 3:
 Since I'm searching for a Mother's Day hamper, I'll click onto the "Shop All Occasions" tab and you will be redirected to another page :) 

Step 4: Access the "Mother's Day" tab!! 

Step 5: Choose the hamper you want 

I ordered the "Tender Blessings" as recommended by Joey! 

Step 6: Proceed with payment! 

Do note that you will need to sign up for an account before you order :)

Step 7: Enter your particulars and address!! 

Step 8: Choose your delivery time! 

 Step 9: Type what you want to be written onto your card 

Step 10: Your hamper arrives at your house the next day :D
(if you order in the morning on the same day, it will be delivered in the evening) 

Reference Code: JSR127
Direct link:

Side view, this beautiful hamper is wrapped nicely! 

What does "Tender Blessings" consist of?

Bird's Nest Wild Ginseng with White Fungus & Rock Sugar 6x70g

Bird nest can help to keep your skin radiant and healthy and can give you loads of health benefits.   

Brand's Innershine Berry Essence 6x42g 

Brand's Innershine Berry Essence helps to protect your eyes against the damaging radiation and UV rays from the sunlight.

Beautiful Oriental Lilies 

They smell really good! I left the hamper at my room the whole night and the fragrant and sweet scent of the lilies really attracted my nose while I was asleep! 

Isabelle Cookies  

Delicious Isabelle cookies to add on to your hamper! The person that received it sure super happy! 

So what are you waiting for? Join their current promotion to celebrate their mobile site launched! 

To find out more you can visit:

Bye bye :) 

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