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My experience at Kim's Family Food (Korean Food)

I was recommended by my friend Qin Pin to try out this Korean Restaurant that she had been telling about for ages that I really must come and try! She told me that there are more than 10 side dishes they offer and guess what? They are all FREE and refillable. Well to me, I not into Korean cuisine, but I decided to give it a try and experience the authentic food and ambience over at Kim's Family Food! There are 3 outlets in Singapore and we visited the one at 17 Lorong Kilat (near to Nooks DIY Pancakes).

Kim's Family Food (Korean Restaurant)
17 Lorong Kilat
Kilat Court
Singapore 598139
Telephone: 6465 0535 (advised to make a reservation before you come)

Entrance of Kim's Family Food 
Qin Pin and Qi Man's peace twist sign photobomed this pic! 

Full house okay! That's why I said you need to make a reservation before you come, if not you will be queueing outside! Btw, this is just part of the restaurant. The is restaurant is combined by 2 shops. Another part of the restaurant is next door. 

The other part of the restaurant. 

What's so special about restaurant? If you have a marker with you, you can draw on their walls freely.

Table setting! I always have difficulties using korean chopsticks!

Many various and different kinds of food you can choose. From rice cake - hot pots and set meals! To be honest, the price is a bit high, but it's best to come with a group of 3-4 then split the amount then it will be worth it. #typcialsingaporean 

These were the 12 different side dishes, I was referring too! They are free and refillable! 

I cannot tahan the spicy kimichi!

Qin Pin posing with one of the side dishes. 

Qi Man posing with her spicy kimichi. 

A photo of me posing with my back to school hair cut. 

Price: $14.00 

This Korean pancake dish does not look like a pancake but rather resembles "Orh Jian", or fired oyster.  (Local dish) Made of flour, eggs and spring onion, this dish may be a little bit oily but it has a chewy texture that brings out the flavour. Though very simple looking, it's deliciousness really makes you want to go back for another bite. It's definitely worth the $14!!! 

Ps: This pancake is a good way to make me eat vegetables cause I try to avoid them whenever I can! HAHAHAHAHAH!! 

9.5/10 *thumbs up*


After (Max out the spiciness) 

Price: $35.00

This dish is served in a big portion and can be share among 3-4 people (perhaps even more since my friends and I couldn't finish it!) The main base of the dish is maggi noodles and it is generously topped with ingredients like tofu, sausages, prawns, cucumbers, luncheon meat and dumplings. For your information, there is a special story behind this dish. During the war times in the past, people would take leftover food and ingredients and mix them all together and voila!!! - Thus the invention of such dish that became popular even till today. Do note that the dish is a SPICY FOOD (cannot tahan!) Overall, I think it is worth spending $35 on this dish where friends can mingle and bond over such simplicity yet deliciousness!


After dinner, we borrowed markers for the waiter and wrote something on the wall to leave it as a memory that we have been to this restaurant. It was fun but kinda wrong doing it.. hahaha

Hahahaha I wonder who wrote this ._.

Wrote my blog link here! Hope they will remember me. I feel so bad writing on people's trademark! Hahaha! 

Overall, it was a awesome experience at Kim's Family Food, very good food but service wise it was kinda slow because they don't have enough staff. It's definitely a place to dine if you wanna have a real authentic Korean dishes! 



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