May 21, 2013

My experience at You Huak Restaurant (Sembawang Famous White Beehoon)

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Hello hello! I was invited by again for another food tasting session! This time we were trying out the famous white bee hoon located at Sembawang. It was my first time trying out this zi char because I seldom come to the north side and I also heard from my friends that the white beehoon here is superb and famous in the North too! So for today's blogpost let me share with you my experience at You Huak Restaurant.

You Huak Restaurant 
22 Jalan Tampang  (Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre) 
Telephone: 98434699 
11.30am to 10.30pm
*Closed on Wednesday. 

At the period of time, it was about 8:30PM on a regular working day! So if you wanna eat here you have to come here early and queue up. Good food is worth queueing for *winks*

Take a look at their menu! The prices are at an affordable range and not too overpriced.

Price: $12.00 

To admit to you guys, I have NEVER tried white bee hoon before. What I usually have when I order zi char is either hokkien mee, fried rice or seafood hor fan. Maybe it is because it is not so popular among the rest. It is served generously with prawns, sotong, vegetables and egg!  The prawn was juicy and delicious. This was the large size which cost $12 and can be eaten with 4-5 people. Overall, it was moist and the the gravy has a light flavour but it was delectable. I'm actually quite impressed that such a simple dish can taste so delicious! Squeeze the lime given and mix with a little of sambal chili to get the perfect combination! This is a MUST TRY dish that I recommend! Thumbs up! 

Price: $10.00

Fried sotong a.k.a calamari is a side dish that you cannot miss out! Though it looks like any other fried food that you may think it's unhealthy, it is actually not that greasy and it was crispy. It was super addictive and best eaten when it is hot. Dip with the mayonnaise it brings out a full flavour when eaten. The bloggers that attended the food tasting finished the whole plate and we even ordered another plate for second serving! It's like after you take a bite of it, you would want to go for another.  I think $10 is worth getting it! 

Price: $12.00

I am not really into spicy food because my tolerance for spiciness is only 3/10 but my mum always tell me if you don't know how to eat spicy food then you are not a true Singaporean. I wonder what she said was true or not, but I don't believe lololol!! I gave this dish a try and surprisingly it's actually a 5/10, still can tahan! Overall, this dish was alright, it taste like any other ordinary kang kong.

Price: $16.00 (L) 

Honestly, the chicken wings tasted alright but something I really wanna comment that the chicken wings were really dry! It does not really appeals to my likings but maybe it is just my personal preference. Maybe some of you guys like dry chicken wings but there is still room for improvement. Despite it's dryness, I really like how the wings are fried perfectly and the meat was tender just that it was a bit dry! 

Price: $9.00 

How can you possibly miss out omelette egg when having zi char! The portion was at an average size and can be shared among 4-6 persons. It only consists of prawns and they were not stingy at all but gave quite a generous amount of prawn in the omelette. 

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