May 13, 2013

Taipei Day 3: Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

Hello hello! Today I will be blogging about Taipei Day 3!!! I decided to head over to Hello Kitty Sweets, it's one of the places you definitely do not want to miss when you come to Taipei! I was reading Qiuqiu's blog about her Taiwan Trip and I really wanted to come to this cafe and experience it myself. The cafe is famously known for their adorable and cute Hello Kitty desserts served.

Hello Kitty Sweets is a 5 minutes walk from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. You will have to walk out from Exit 3 and it is just a short walking distance. There is also a department store called "SOGO" outside exit 4. If you are not clear of the directions, you can seek for help by asking a random stranger over there, they will be glad to help because I had trouble finding the cafe as the instructions given wasn't clear at all lor. 

The temperature was 15 degree celsius and it was raining the entire morning. You can even feel the wind blowing against you. *sure miss the weather at Taiwan...*

Didn't had any breakfast before that so I stopped over at Taiwanese 早餐店  and got something light before going straight for desserts.. 

If you are wondering what is a Taiwanese 早餐店, it's something like a shophouse serving JUST BREAKFAST! How cool is that? You can tabao (takeaway) a simple breakfast before you go to work/school..

Simple yet delicious! This Taiwan sandwich is filled with ham, vegetables, mayonnaise and fried egg! How I wish they have this is Singapore too! x.x

Had Mee Sua again! 

After having a light breakfast, I headed over to the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe!! 
(I made a reservation before I came because the cafe was full house)

Entrance of Hello Kitty Sweets 

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe 
No 90, Section 1 Daan Road Daan District, Taipei 
Tel: +886 2 2711 1132 
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 10pm 
Nearest Train Station: Zhongxiao Fuxing Station

It's somehow like a Hello Kitty paradise when you enter this cafe. Every part of the restaurant is decorated according to the theme of Hello Kitty and not forgetting plenty friendly waitresses to serve you.  Please note that there is a minimum of spending 300 TWD per person. 

When you walk into the cafe, the first thing you will see a a long stretch of cakes, cupcakes and all sorts of desserts displayed at the side. I couldn't resist to take a look and snap a few pics to show you guys! 

 Hello Kitty desserts available for dine in and takeaway! You will definitely be spoiled for choices! I love the cakes, wish I could bring home one! 

Hello Kitty spotted spying on the customers! Hahahaha! 

Basically what the menu offers is each dessert you order comes with a side drink along. 

Hello Kitty Caramel Pudding was the first to come!! It's very jelly looking and delicious!! 

Waitress wearing a mask taking our order :) Since my family consists of 5 members. 
Each of us ordered 5 different desserts so we can try out! 

According to the menu, this is a type of milk with fragrant pudding powder and french cameral and it brings out a rich flavour when you drink it! 

Chocolate milkshake topped with whip cream and oreo! 

Banana Milkshake topped with freshly cut bananas and whipped cream 

Hello Kitty Green Tea Cake with 2 Macaroons

Ordered Hello Kitty Tiramisu Set!

 Brings out a milky flavour! You can easily fall in love with this tiramisu!!  Couldn't bare to eat them because it is decorated until very nice! These type of desserts must eat very slow then can enjoy hahahaha! 

My second favourite from the list! This is somehow like a sandwich/cake/pancakes filled with custard cream, fresh strawberries and sweet caramel!!  Definitely must try!! :D 

Hello Kitty Cheese Tart!! Actually it tasted like any other cheese tarts! 

My personal review:

I guess it was a pleasant experience, just a little crowded and the only time given to dine was only like 45mins-1hour due till the long queue. Overall, it was a joyful experience spent at this cafe and I would recommend you guys to come here if you visit Taipei. Just that I cannot stand the cute-ness and of the desserts and couldn't bare to eat them cos I feel very "bu she de"!! Hahahaa!! As for the price of the food, it's a little bit expensive? Probably you have to spend about 300 TWD per person which is about SGD $12.50 per person?! But it's worth it for the adorable decorations and service they provide! :) 

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  1. Omg I wish I can go there too. I'm a Hello Kitty lover! <3 Everything looks so cute. Great post!

  2. Nice Place. I will be heading over to taipei next month. definitely try it out.

  3. Hi! I know this post was really long ago but can I just check, how do you make the reservation for the cafe? Thank you!