June 8, 2013

Lunch at Nihon Mura 日本村 (Tampines)

Looking for a cheap and affordable japanese food to eat during your lunch time? Well, if your school/workplace or you happen to be at Tampines or nearby! I recommend you guys to head down to Nihon Mura (Tampines's outlet) and have your lunch here because they are currently having a lunch break promotion. (Not advertising for them, but I honestly think is value for money). I eat good food must also share mah! In addition, usually during lunch time food courts/ hawker centre will always be packed especially Tampines #justsaying lol! Why not try some Japanese food? :)

505 Tampines Ave 5
Tampines Swimming Complex
(3-4 mins walk from Tampines Bus Interchange)
Tel: 62608197

How the restaurant looks like! Nice and cosy japanese village style suits the theme of the restaurant's name. 

This is the lunch promotion I was referring! You can choose 1 main dish, 1 drink,1 side dish and a dessert! All of these only cost $9.90++ ($11+ per person after service charge and GST) 

Peach Tea, Lemon Tea & Green Tea 


My friend ordered the plain ramen. Initially, I was thinking that what's so special about a plain ramen that is only served with a few pieces of seaweed and egg. But I was proven wrong that this simple bowl of noodles tasted really good! Never judge the looks by it's cover! I love the flavor of this broth, it has a strong flavour of milky taste which I really like! I'm intending to try this the next time I come back to Nihon Mura! If it is really to plain for you maybe you could order a plate of katsu (fried pork/chicken).



If you follow my instagram updates closely, you should know that the only dish/japanese food I eat is Katsu Don (Fried Pork/Chicken served with rice or ramen).  I feel so fail because I have ever tried cooking this but I end up failing all the time because the egg (cooked together with onion) needs to be half cooked when served! Overall, this dish is delicious but not the best i've tried so far, the meat is crunchy in the outside and tender. Best eaten together with the egg, rice and the katsu at the same time! 



This is something unusual, Salmon Don served in a claypot! I find this very unique! Overall, I think that the salmon was a bit over cooked and it was quite salty as according to my friend. 


Salmon Sashimi 

If you are wondering if sashimi is considered one of the side dish in the promotion menu, the answer is yes! I no need describe to you how it taste like but it's heavenly good! Fresh, raw and delicious! Mhmmm, you would want to order more of these! 

Shishamo Karaage

One of my favourite side dishes that I always must order! It is actually salt water fish at about 10-15cm long. My mum used to tell me inside is only filled with yellow eggs but until today I'm not sure if it's really eggs la, but it is DELICIOUS! Crispy in the outside but it's a bit dry! Sure appeals to my likings!It is also quite a popular delicacy in Japan. 

Hotate Kushiyaki  
Scallops served with teriyaki sweet sauce! I don't really like scallops but I gave it a try. It wasn't that nice because it tasted very salty. Not something that I would order in the future.



Ending off with Nihon Mura's Chocolate ice cream! The texture of the ice cream was soft and it does not taste like those chocolate (that will give you a headache, some people will have it la). Next time I would love to try the green tea ice cream! 


My personal review:
I think that Nihon Mura is a great place to dine at because firstly they open at 1130am, that's 30mins before lunch time. It usually not as crowded like other places and the lunch set meal is really worth it!Overall, it was a pleasant experience over here, service was efficient and great. Ambience was nice and quiet, would love to come back again :) 

See ya! 

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