June 6, 2013

My Experience at the Social Star Awards 2013 + After Party

Special thanks to The Straits Times for inviting Maria and I to attend the Social Star Awards 2013! It was really great honor and opportunity to attend this event as I finally got to see Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY and many celebrities as well not forgetting Jessica Alba. It was a great time as I got to mingle around with the some of the Top 10 winners of the Strait Times Super Fan Contest which they picked out over 200 entries! Photos all taken by my iPhone camera and my compact camera!

Group Photo with the Superfan contest gang! 

Did a mini vlog entry during the event as well. 

A photo with Dale and his mum! You should check out their submission entry! It's really good and I also wished I had such a cool mum like her! Her pink/purple hair is just sooooooo rocky style and cool! 

My outfit of the day for the awards! Just a simple mini black pokadots, white shirt from Uniqlo with a blue bow-tie! 

A photo with Maria! 

A photo with Shu An and Qiuqiu. I was surprised I bumped into Qiuqiu cos I didn't know she was coming! So lucky to see her since #cnos2 finals! Hahaha!! 

Refreshments at the reception!!! Couldn't resist I have to take some photos of it! The mini burgers were super delicious and adorable!

Photo credits to one of the member of Boyce Avenue for helping us take! I really didn't know they were sitting right behind us as well as David Choi and others! 

Camwhore before the awards! 

How the atmosphere looks like! Everyone seems to be very excited! 

Finally got to see the two hosts of the night, Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven! 

Isn't that Natalie from Community Channel? She was one of the award presenters!! 

Who remember these 2 adorable babies talking to each other in baby language? :D

Isn't that Ryan Higa? I didn't know he came to Singapore too! 

Finally! The long awaited Carly Rae Jepsen!!!  I'd always wanted to see her in real person and something to add on that she's very pretty! *having a crush on her* 

PSY was the last item to close off the awards. Maria and I were anticipating for him to come out! His performance was magnificent and he performed for us Gentlemen and his No.1 Single Gangnam Single!! Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves and energetic dancing around! Hahahaha! 

After the awards, we headed to MBS Skypark for the After Party!! 

It was past midnight, the DJ blasted loud music and everyone was so high and dancing around!

Ronald, Maria and I!! 

We bumped into Cee Lo Green during the party!! 

Hahaha I look like I just came out from the showers! 

I shall conclude my blogpost here! Many thanks to The Strait Times Communities for organizing a super fan contest if not I wouldn't have saw Carly Rae Jepsen and PSY performed live! It is also my first time attending such a grand award ceremony and I feel so honored! Hehehe! 


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