July 25, 2013

A new blog design, a new beginning!

Helloooooooooo! Remember I told you guys that I will give my blog a complete makeover after #cnos2? Yup, I finally did it! Many thanks to my awesome and creative designer, Carol for helping me to design my new blogskin. Previously, I have also sourced for many other website designers and I found Carol's website and her designs are very interesting. Carol has previously designed for huixuanxuan, iisong, one of her latest work which was Don's blog and as well as other bloggers! You can take a look at her portfolio here! So eventually, I wrote in an enquiry and she agreed to design my blog for me!

In memory of my super old and boring blogskin R.I.P

This old photo of my banner was taken in 2011.

My blog used to be very plain and simple


After blogging for about 5 years I decided that I need to revamp my old boring blogskin and bring it to the next level by getting a professional to do it. I wanted to re-design my whole blog a long time ago, but I didn't have money and couldn't afford! Told myself to save up enough cash before investing in a nice blogskin! :)

So immediately after #cnos2. I contacted Carol and at the same time I introduced her to Don and so we did it together! Carol was generous and kind enough that she gave us a good rate for the design!

SOOOOOOO what's new about my design? 

UncleTehPeng sitting in a teacup with floating skies at the background! 

I have also added 5 tab buttons so it's more accessible! 

OH YA, btw if you refresh the header will change to another photo of me!

Anyways, I hope you like my blog's major makeover and I'll be looking forward to blog more often! Special thanks to my website designer, Carol for putting in her effort to design and finally after months... it's finally completed! See ya! 

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