July 10, 2013

My experience at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Beanstro

Hi guys! Awhile ago, I was invited for a food tasting session at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Beantro located at Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre a.k.a Takashimaya Building. The purpose was to try out their new delicious breakfast special menu that they offer only for a limited time! So I decided to make a trip down to Orchard Road and I brought along one of my good friend, Kiyomi for this food tasting session because I had a feeling that I couldn't finish all by myself! Alright let's begin!

Entrance of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Beanstro 

391 Orchard Rd 
Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre (Takashimaya) 
Singapore 238872 
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT 

Q: What is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Beanstro? Why does it have a Beanstro behind it? 

Basically the meaning of "Beanstro" is it is actually an  American concept, casual dining restaurant by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  Unfortunately there are only two outlets in Singapore that has "Beanstro " Brand and they are located at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya. 

Cakes & Muffins 

Once you enter the restaurant you can see nice fixtures and settings as well as a board range of their merchandises and products being displayed. 

The ambience of the restaurant is very peaceful and you will feel the warmth and homely feeling once you stepped into the restaurant. Not forgetting, very friendly waiter/waitresses to serve you. With such a conducive enviroment, you can come here with your friends or even alone. Well, since I'm introducing the breakfast menu, this would be the perfect place to dine at. Imagine you reading a book here while enjoying breakfast before work/school. What a perfect place to start up your day :) 

These are the four special breakfast meals that we would be trying! 

Each brekafast menu also comes with a complementary coffee or tea, if you decide to select the cold beverages/other drinks there would be an additional charge. 

Since I'm a big fan of chocolate, I decided to go with Double Chocolate Coffee Ice Blended, initially I wanted to picked the non-coffee flavour (despite I seldom drink coffee) but I wanted to give this a try and surprisingly the combination of coffee and chocolate is actually not bad! The next time when I order a drink at Coffee Bean, I don't mind trying this again! 

Kiyomi choose the Hot Hazelnut Latte as her choice of drink because she does not feeling like having any cold drink!!! 

To start things rolling, every special breakfast set comes with a fresh salad with includes vegetables and reddish mini tomatoes to add more details to the dish. The Egg Beef Patty is served at a generous portion and the beef was soft and tender. It appeals to my likings because if you eat it together with the poached egg, patty and the toast. It will have a solid taste and trust me you would want to go for another bite! Generally, if you are a person that likes beef/meat to start up in the morning, this dish would be perfect for you :) 

My rating: 

If you do not eat beef or feel like having ham instead then the Egg Florentine definitely will suit your likings!  Although it might tasted a little bit salty, but overall it was a nice combination together with the poached egg and toast bread. Something I want to comment about the ham that it is actually very crunchy, (despite difficulties to cut it into 2 pieces) it tasted delicious and was very juicy and the overall look of the dish definitely will raise your appetite because of the nice radiant colour!  

My rating:

This has got to be one of the hot favourites from the breakfast menu! Who doesn't love smoked salmon? Again, it is served with poached egg but the sauce they used was sour cream sauce (which I didn't quite like it a lot ) but it still blended well together with the salmon. How they place the salmon was a major plus point for the dish because it really makes the dish stand out by it's own and it could simply just tempt you now (unless you don't like raw salmon) !! 

My rating:

The final and last dish that came in was the Egg Salmon and Asparagus. I do not like vegetables but this is actually a good replacement because at the same time, I like smoked salmon so I guess it was a nice combination. The asparagus was crunchy and easy to chew. Overall, it was delectable and for vege lovers you should like this! 

My rating:

After we finished our food, the very friendly and generous manager gave Kiyomi and I each a surprise gift bag which consisted their anniversary coffee & tea for us to bring it home! Thank youuuuu!! 

Before I conclude this blogpost, I would like to thank The Coffee Bean & Tea Leave Beanstro for inviting me to try out their special breakfast menu! The food was scrumptious and I will definitely introduce to all my friends to come down and try! I had a pleasant and warming experience at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and I would be looking forward for my next visit here :) So if you happen to be in town in the morning, why not just drop by Takashimaya and try out their food! Trust me, you will love it! 

I would also like to thank Kiyomi for accompanying me to this food tasting session! Check out her review here (She now blogs about calories & health living) : 

See ya! :D

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