July 3, 2013

My experience at Eighteen Chefs (Cathay Cineleisure Orchard)

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Recently, I was invited by Cineleisure & Eighteen Chefs together with the #CNOS2 bloggers to come down for a food tasting session at Eighteen Chefs. If you guys did not know, Eighteen Chefs has open and outlet at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. *YAYAYAYAYAY!* After Simei's Eastpoint is closed for renovation, I totally missed their baked pasta/rice there! Used to go there after school with my classmates because my school is just a 15 mins walk to Eighteen Chefs. In this blogpost, I'm very happy and ecstatic to be able to blog about it and let me take you on a journey on what type of food they offer! There are new food items too hehehe!

Eighteen Chefs
8 Grange Road
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Contact: 6736 3800

We were welcomed by the owner/boss of Eighteen Chefs, Chef Benny. He briefly explained to us the history of how this restaurant started and how did he expanded the business until today. He also stated that he hires ex-prisioners to come and work for him and he believes that everyone deserves a second chance. 

Angela, Angie & Don !! 

To kick things rolling, the first item that was served was french loaf served with garlic confit. 

You are supposed to dip the crispy french bread into the garlic confit ! 

Angie trying the Garlic bread! 

For starters you might want to try this dish! This is served with four slices of toasted french loaves. Although it kinda tasted the same compared to other types of garlic bread. This dish is unique because they don't help you spread the paste onto the toast instead you can dip the bread into the sauce provided according to how much you want. The large yellow plate kinda brings back to the olden days. As you can see from the picture above, the garlic confit looks really fresh and it's their "specialty" despite it's oily looking texture it tasted good together with the french loaves. Not a big fan of garlic bread, but what made me like this dish is the texture of the bread because toasted perfectly and it was really crunchy compared to other garlic breads I've tried before. Overall, it was alright! 

My rating: 

Looks like a normal half boiled egg isn't it? But according by the name of this dish, it was cooked at 65 degree celsius, making it's texture runny, jelly and soft. The correct way to eat this dish is you have to slurp it with a straw but unfortunately no one told me that so I ate it within 5 seconds hahahaha!  Next time, I'll do it with a straw! 

My rating:

Moving on next we have the Heart Attack Fried Rice. According to Chef Benny, this dish is the signature dish of Eighteen Chefs in memorable of the his mom. Because he explained that how simple this dish can be cooked with just plain rice and black sauce. 

I'm in love with the beef because when you put it inside your mouth, the juice completely spills out. It's soft, tender and juicy. Despite it's oily looking texture, it tasted simply good! No words can describe this lor! Juicy yet delectable!  Not exaggerating lololol!! 

When you eat the fried rice, you can really feel that it brings to you a very warmth feeling that reminds you of your home. This dish will changed your mind because such a simple dish like this can turn into something that is worth eating and remembering. The rice tasted slightly peppery, and sweet because of the black sauce. It is best eaten when it's hot. (don't take photos like me for more than 15mins then cold already not nice liao) The heart attack fried rice is a must try! Oh ya btw, this dish can be shared among two person. 

My rating:

Shenny, Joey and Don went into the kitchen and cooked up something special for all of us! Hahaha! 

Not a big fan of spicy food, but I gave all 3 of the dishes a try! Shenny is the only one that cooked Aglio Olio Seafood Pasta (second pic), Don & Joey cooked Tom Yam Fuscil (first picture) !! Shenny's pasta is my favourite because it's the least spiciest !! Hahaha Joey and Don's fuscil are both equally spicy but still tasted good but each dish has it's own unique taste la, not gonna judge!

Here's a ranodm photo of me out of no where! 
This is the black beauty served with a piece of chocolate brownie, and two scoops of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. The brownie was warm, moist and sweet. The ice cream was alright and has a creamy texture! Something for $4.90 which I think is value for money. Overall, my favourite was the brownie because it's very chewy and the taste is long-lasting! The next time I come back to Eighteen Chefs, this dessert is definitely on my order list. What's additive about the brownie is you will keep on want to have a another bite after another! Hahaha that's how tempting it is! 

My rating:
This is my first time ice cream that is served in a jar! Omg so unique! Hahaha it's actually chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, almond flakes and m&ms! Overall, I wouldn't say that it's very nice but its alright for me because it tasted like any other chocolate ice cream filled with toppings but major plus point is the creative idea of presenting the ice cream in a jag and for the "mud-pie" look! 

My rating:

Last and final item is the Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle. The waffle was crunchy and decorations of this dessert was nicely done. The waffle went really well together with the sauce and the vanilla ice cream. Ahhhhh! You need go come down and try it out yourself then you will know how is taste like! I'm not a big fan of raspberry but the vanilla ice cream blended in together with sauce. Overall, it was good but not something I would order! It depends of you are a sweet person or someone who prefers sour and sweet! 

My rating:

A group photo with the #CNOS2 bloggers and Eighteen Chef Staff! 

A photo with Chef Benny.

I shall conclude my blogpost here, it was a joyous and pleasant experience spent at Eighteen Chefs together with the other bloggers. Had a great time catching up with them. I would like to thank Eighteen Chef and Cineleisure for inviting me. The food was really good and I would love to come back again to try the food especially the Heart-Attack Fried Rice! So if you haven't tired dining at Eighteen Chefs before, why not just drop by next time at town? The price is made affordable for everyone, and it's worth the money for such good food! Did I mention they have student price too *YAY FOR ME*! Hahaha alright to find out more you can check out their facebook page and their website alright!  Till next time, see ya! :D

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