August 18, 2013

My experience at Batter Fluffy Flaps (Katong)

I'm a "pancakes" person or don't know how you describe it as. I am also madly in love with cafes/resturants that has a "bubbly" theme etc. bright colours, cute designs, cartoons! Alright, today I will be reviewing Batter Fluffy Flaps, to me I feel that this cafe is like a paradise wonderland! Finally found one of the nice places to chill at the East Side. Katong is known for many good food and these is one of them! I honestly prefer the pancakes at BFF compared to other competiting pancake resturants.

Recently had the sudden urge to visit BFFs becuase I have never tired it before and have been tempted by my friends to come and try their pancakes! So finally made plans with my friend Natasha to come along with me cos her school is nearby.

Entrance Of Batter Fluffy Flaps 

89 East Coast Road
 Singapore 428790
(Opposite Katong 112 Shopping Centre) 

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 11am to 10pm 
Fri: 11am to 11pm 
Saturday: 9am to 11pm 
Sunday: 9am to 10pm

According to the their website BFF also means Best Friend Forever or Best Family Forever. Well, the theme of the restaurant/cafe sure fits into it and definitely a good place to chill with your best friend/family members. Once I stepped into this place, the first that that I took out was my camera becuase I'm like super into these type of adorable fixtures. Plus points for adorable-ness max. Very family friendly and a good place to bound. 

Remember Natasha? :D She appeared in some of my blogposts before! 


Natasha and I decided to go with this combo because it's much more worth it compared if you purchase it separately. The combo allows you to DIY your own pancakes or choose the mains from Flavoury savoury & sweet treats menu. You could also pick a side dish that you could share with your friends and it comes with two drinks of your choice. For the price of $42.80 definitely worth the money!

The flavoury savoury menu offers a wide range of pancakes you could choose from! I picked the Juicy Beefy Patty because I needed to have something more filling cos I didn't had my breakfast. 

Cookies & Creams Ice Blended 

Fruity Smoothie from the BFF Series (Ice Blend). 

Truffle Ruffles 

Price: $8.90 

Delicious & irresistible truffle fries seasoned with parmesan cheese and added with truffle oil. Served with quite a decent amount and able to be shared among 3-4 people. Every bite makes you want to go for another and another and another... I cannot tahan la, you will become addicted! Slightly, pepper-ish and salty but still made me extremely lively! *TRY THIS*!! 

Price: $14.90 

D.I.Y create your own pancakes with your customized toppings! Natasha chose the blueberry pancakes and original added strawberries, blueberries, milo cereal, granola and topped with melting chocolate ice cream. 

For more information about the menu to create your own pancakes you can check out their menu here:

Love how the dressing of the dish is neatly organized and looks heavenly AMAZING! Definitely will make your appetites grow bigger and start craving for more BFFs! 

Natasha said that she really like how you can customized your own toppings because you get to choose from different pancakes flavours, different ice cream flavours etc. They were so generous with the serving portion and the toppings you can put as many as you want! The sauce is free flow as well so it's like a personal preference up to the individual.

Juicy Beef Patty 

Price: $14.90 

The Juicy Beefy Patty is recommended as stated on the menu, I needed to have something much more filling so decided to have a "burger like" pancakes instead. The entire dish is served with 2 slices of pancakes in between there is a slice of cheese, a sunny side egg and a big juicy beef patty. Also served with a salad mixed with caramelized sauce. I'm in love with the salad because the the flavour just gradually grows on you and the whole patty/pancake was something that will change your mind because it's like the mixture of sweet and pepperish because original pancakes are somehow "sweet" to me! You will need to try it yourself to experience how I felt this dish! Mhmm! So delicious and I will recommended it to all my friends! 

*FYI I switched food with Natasha cos I wanted to take photos of it!

Shall conclude my blogpost, had a great time catching up with Natahsa! Overall, it was a great experience spent at BFF, I'll be anticipating my next visit here! Enjoyed myself! With so much great comfort food you will definitely want to come back again! ^.^ Byebye! 

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