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My experience at Ristorante Pietrasanta

Ristorante Pietrasanta sounds like a very cool name to me eh? I was invited for a food tasting session at Ristorante Pietrasanta on a fine afternoon together with some other bloggers! It is located at Wessex Village Square in Portsdown Road. Though traveling is an issue, if you have a car it would be more convenient for you to visit this restaurant. But never the less if you still wanna come to this place, you can take a bus outside One-North Station. This restraint has a cozy and relaxing environment where is a perfect spot to dine with your loved ones and family. With a peaceful and quiet environment, you will definitely enjoy your meal. 

Ristorante Pietrasanta Restaurant 
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139311
Tel: +65 6479 9521

Ristorante Pietrasanta Restaurant has the dining concept of a Family Restaurant and follows the concept of a homely Italian style and also the atmosphere of the place just made me felt that it was very "country-feel"  With their elegant fixtures displays and exteriors, It is definitely and ideal spot to chill because it's very peaceful and quiet and you also can treat it as getaway from the busy town area of Singapore. (Idk why but i felt I was completely at a different place). They also served a wide range of food with their signature cheese (mmhmm). Best of all, their food are homemade and traditional. 

Focaccia Bread 

Starting off we have the delicious Focaccia Bread, simple yet delicious and crunchy. It reminds me of pizza without any toppings, #justsaying. The bread was indeed crunchy enough and was easy to chew. To me, I felt that the bread would go well with anything especially with the melted mozzarella cheese which I will be explaining in detailed below.

How nice of Chef Alfredo providing us a demonstration of making authentic Mozzarella cheese! FYI, their cheese are homemade!! Mhmm oh so yummy! As you can see, Mozzarella cheese are meant to be stretchy and when you eat the cheese, it is supposed to be very stretchy and some how has a rubber texture as you chew! It goes perfectly fine with sour cream.

Parma Ham Mozzarella Rolls 

Eating just plain mozzarella cheese is not enough, you could also eat it in other ways such as the Parma Ham Roll. They are mozzarella cheese rolls wrapped with vegetable leaves and ham. I felt that it was a perfect combination as you can't exactly taste the flavour of the cheese yet it's the ham and the leaves that did the trick. Very appetizing! Yums! 

Fettuccini al Tartufo 

Starting off with one of the main dishes served, it was Fettuccini al Tartufo (Aka Pasta with Minced Meat). Delicious creamy sauce cooked with Fettuccine pasta. This dish is likable because once you eat it, you would definitely want to go for another spoon! The pasta was cooked with mushroom truffle sauce with minced sausages, and I felt that the mince meat was the main star of the entire dish as it brought out the flavour of it making it very rich and thick. It would appeal to any of our likings! I really like this dish a lot and would recommend this to you guys!

Braised Lamb Shank in Chianti Wine 

You would never believe this if I tell you that the meat was extremely soft and tender! Once you put it into your mouth, it literally melts (not exaggerating but its true lol)!! I seldom have lamb meat and this was one of my first few experience trying it. Heard that the meat is braised for more than 4 hours before being served. The sauced used to top the lamb meat was tomato base and I felt that it went perfectly fine but would prefer cream base for me actually! Overall, I'm giving a thumbs up for this dish because it's really very tender, the meat just falls from the bone itself making it very easy to chew and swallow. It is also served with a large scoop of mashed potato (yumms). One of the dishes that I like from this restaurant!

Spinach Ravioli 

I didn't know it was spinach until my friend told me it was! I'm not a vegetable person as i tend to avoid them a lot. This pasta was very unique as the fillings inside was blended spinach and i really like it a lot because it does not taste like vegetables to me but more rather than "wanton" like what we eat only without the meat and the "avocado texture". It was served with savory butter sauce enticing the dish to a whole new level. It tasted deletable but I don't think it's filling enough for a person like me! But it can be counted as a side dish and can be shared.

Grilled Lemon Sole

Something that you don't usually order at an Italian restaurant but major plus points for the appearance of the dish as it was served with a wooden pan. The taste was the fish was rather alright, slightly blended with the sour taste and totally tasted nutritious, fresh and extremely flavourful but it didn't amazed me with anything thus I think it was much of a decent taste compared to what you have outside.

Mixed Sausages 

We were served samples of different types of sausages! I would like to say that each has it's own unique taste and they tasted slightly warm and peppery to me. Meat was easy to chew and can be improved if it can be more softer. Overall, the taste of the sausages are slightly beyond my expectations and are exceptionally good.

Risotto Porcini With Marrow Bones

Well, this is something that I don't usually eat. Loving the creamy texture of the risotto because the texture was so springy and making it very tempting. Best eaten when it's warm & incase if you are wondering how did they achieve the radiant organgy colour is because they added a rather expensive spice called saffron. Overall, I must praise the creamy texture of the risotto and the taste is simply something that will changed your mind! Delicious-io!! (in Italian accent)


After with all those food above, it would be nice if we look at some desserts now! First up, it's the irresistible tiramisu! It's something that you wouldn't expect because of it's incredibly soft texture and strong coffee taste, you would definitely love this dessert! Layers of mascarpone cheese, coffee and sprinkled with tempting cocoa powder which evens out the taste making it simply toothsome. The rest of the bloggers were amused with the dessert and seems like everyone liked it! Thus I feel that it is  something that you should add to your order list after a scrumptious delicous meal.

Lemon Tart 

Fear not but lemon tart is here to save you! The lemon tart is something that would refresh your mind. Great for sour-eaters because this would served as a perfect dessert for you. It is topped with delicious creamy meringue (french whipped cream) and totally enhanced the dish evenly.

Hazelnut Semifreddo / Pistachio Semifreddo 

For the last item, we have this ice-cream texture dessert! Comes in 2 different types of flavours, hazelnut which tasted heavy similar to Forrero Rocher chocolate pistachio (a type of nut)!


  1. The parma ham mozzarella rolls sound interesting to me, but i wonder if they were on the salty side considering both ingredients are salty?


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