September 26, 2013

My experience at Seoul Yummy (Bugis+)

Today's blogpost will be a follow-up of the Bugis Food Trail Part 1 which happened earlier this year, I decided to separate them into each restaurant per blogpost so it's easier for you guys to source out in the future. Unfortunately, earlier this year I was caught up with #cnos2 and unable to draft up the rest of the    food that I explored at Bugis+ thus I dragged till today! Anyways for this blogpost, I will be covering the very popular korean restaurant you can find at Bugis+, Seoul Yummy. Many of my friends have requested me to review this restaurant because of their authentic and generous ingredients. They are quite known for sometime and have expanded several outlets in Singapore, so Bugis+ is only one of them. In my personal opinion, Seoul Yummy is definitely the right spot to enjoy the maximum spiciness you could ever imagine! 

Entrance Of Seoul Yummy (What an interesting name)

201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ (Formally Illuma)
Singapore 188067

Space of the restaurant was able to fit more than 25 customers.
It's crowded most of the time so I would suggest you to call and make a reservation. 

Spicy Korean Rice Cake 

Price: $6.90

Mhmmm! Look at the Korean Rice Cake that you don't often see outside! You only can get these rice cakes are several Korean Restaurants. This small portion can be served as a mini side dish and could be eaten together with your hot pot. It can be shared among 2-3 people. $6.90 is rather affordable for such delectable and spicy rice cake! Mhmm Yums! Just a side note that the rice is was very spicy! So be prepared to have water beside you to cool you down! Hahaha! *shiok*

Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi 

Price: $8.90

Wow, I'm surpsied you can get pork belly with kimichi at such an affordable pricing. Don't just judge by it's few slices, they tasted really good and goes well with anything. The meat was tender and delicious! Though it's a small portion, I feel that you must order this when you visit Seoul Yummy.

Got to enjoy every single bit of it! Yums! I have this issue carrying korean thin chopsticks! It's so hard to use them especially when you are using it to take noodles! #justsaying maybe I just need more practice!

Army's Stew With Assorted Seafood 

Price: $36.90

We have come to the star item (main dish) of the restaurant! Other than having Korean BBQ Singapore, we also have discovered that Korean Hotpot is also one of the most popular food you could find in Korea. Feels very traditional when you eat this because you always see people eating this in Korea. If you are unable to eat seafood, they also serve the same type of Army Stew but it's with assorted meat instead with beef and pork inside. The rate of the spiciness is around 9.5/10. Oh god, spicy eaters gonna love this so much but not as much as me lah cos I don't usually like spicy food but overall it was satisfying, the spiciness was shiok enough. The portion though stated at the menu it's for 2 pax. I feel that this can be shared among 4 people because of their servings. Just look at the ingredients! So generous, I don't even think that 2 people can finish this at once. Hahaha My favourite was the broth of the soup because it's very fragrant despite it's spicyness. The seafood used was all fresh and everything just spice up your entire meal! Be prepared to perspire while eating this! :x

Kimichi Pancake 

Price: $6.90

How innovative that kimichi can be also turned into a fried pancake! Again, it's at such an affordable price and it tasted scrumptious and delectable! To my surprise, it wasn't that spicy as I was able to take it. The portion given was decent and I would strongly recommend you to try this dish too! The sides were crispy and it wasn't too greasy thus this would make a perfect side dish to add onto your meal.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience spent at Seoul Yummy and it's definitely an ideal spot to enjoy authentic korean food here. If you are a spicy eater, you are gonna fall in love with their food! See ya!

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