October 19, 2013

My experience at Halloween Horror Nights 3 Roadshow at Cineleisure

Halloween Horror Nights is back again for its third consecutive year organized by Resorts World Sentosa that will be held at Universal Studios Singapore. If you had went last year,  you should know that it's very scary and definitely worth the money to go for this event! So are you ready for a more intense battle and have the guts for 3 different hunted houses this year? Hmmmm, if you are too lazy to book the tickets online or go down to USS to purchase your tickets, you can actually buy your tickets at Basement 1 of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. 

They are currently having a mini roadshow at B1 of Cineleisure. There is a mini hunted house for you to try out and it's FREE ENTRY! This is just a glimpse of what the actual event that you are going to experience at USS.

YES! You can purchase your tickets here too so you can save the trouble of traveling down to USS. (Useful if your workplace is near-by or you are happening to be shopping at town)

The first part actually freaked me out already as I didn't dare to enter the hunted house at all. I suggest if you are afraid, please enter in a group so you will feel more "safe and secure" lolol! Do not enter alone if you are afraid of darkness and those scary noises! 

Let your imaginations go wild about why this head is hanging over here. I actually bumped into this without knowing what's in front of me because it was so dark! It scared me a little! What a sigh of relieved because it's not real... LOLOLOL! #goodjobitlooksdamnreal

"Hi, can I help you?" - Says the skeleton man coming out form the coffin. 

Now this is not fun.... Hands all around the wall trying to grab your body! I was afraid to walk through this last sector becuase I thought it was very disgusting (I meant the blood lolol) and it looks like real arms trying to stop you from exiting the hunted house. 

( My facial expression should be very shocked and traumatized but I have no idea why am I still so happy when hands are chained and locked up hahaha)


Tickets are now selling at $50 for all students. Just simply flash your ezlink card to the counter lady and you can purchase your tickets at a student price! Highly recommended for you to attend this scary event becuase personally, I feel that it's more fun if you come with a group of friends/classmates! It's alright to give yourself a break from studies/work and come to USS for the thrilling hunted houses! 

GOOD NEWS! Some normal rides are opened too! (Revenge of the mummy, Transformers) 

What are you waiting for!!! Purchase your tickets now, time is running out! (Selling fast)

For more information please visit:


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