October 8, 2013

My experience at LENAS by MOF (Tampines 1)

I was invited by Tampines 1 for a food trail session at their shopping mall awhile back with other fellow bloggers on a Sunday afternoon. This time I came prepared with an empty stomach because the last time I attended a food trail event, my tummy was already fully bloated after the 4th stop so the real trick is to control your eating proportions for the first few stops and don't force yourself to finish the food. I was actually waiting for a food trail to occur at Tampines and finally it did! Tampines is one of the best places to hunt for good makan food. To me, I feel that it's a popular chilling spot at the East Side (it's forever crowded). To kick off the Tampines 1 Food Trail, our first station will be LENAS by Ministry Of Food.

Entrance Of Lenas 

LENAS is no stranger to the east siders (*raise hand I'm one of them*). I still remember during my secondary school days, I would come to LENAS and celebrate my friends birthday because it's definitely a location where you can enjoy your meal and chit chat with your friends. (Come early, because it's usually crowded during dinner timings).  They do offer seats that cater to more than 10 people despite the area of the restaurant is quite small, no doubt it can fit more than 30 customers. 

Check out their daily promotions and discounts, so you could get your meal at a cheaper price.

More about LENAS

LENAS, the hip and eponymous American Italian restaurant named after its passionate founder is the current place to be at with their vast menu, trendy decor, bustling atmosphere and daily promotions. Catering to everyone with their massive menu selections and affordable prices, it is a fantastic place to hold family gatherings.

Well, other than family gatherings, you could also bring your love ones for a date here. They are popular for their carbonara pasta and pancakes. Basically, I feel that they have everything that I like from main course meals to savoury desserts!

Grilled Duck Salad 

To kick off the meal, the duck salad was introduced to us as an cold appetizer. It was refreshing and the meat was soft and tender. Plus points for adding cheese on top, would actually preferred it to be melted cheese then it would be nicer. Never the less, it is a great start to add on to your meal before you start on your main course. The vegetables was fresh! Yums!

Mixed Bruchetta

12” Pizza: Hawaiian and Italian Sausage 

FYI* the pizza is not served with 2 different flavours (not inside the menu), we requested them to give us 2 flavours on a 12 inch pizza because we were afraid we couldn't finish. The entire pizza was topped with generous amount of ingredients. I want to comment that the cheese was very stretchy and delicious! I love thin crust pizzas because they are very crunchy and addicting! Something I would order and share together with my other friends and especially if you are with a large group. For the taste, I would say it still depends of your personal preferences because some may like Hawaiian and some may do not like! However, I like the Hawaiian because of the pineapple that was added inside to enhance the taste. I could really tasted the strong flavour of it. As for the Italian sausage, it was generally alright and it's topped with pepperoni on top which makes it's nicer.

Tomato Pasta with Clamps

Don't usually go for tomato base, but this changed my impression of it. What really made me changed my mind was it's taste, surprisingly it was sweeter more than the usual red sauce pastas we usually have. The texture of the sauce was moist, and I couldn't stop myself from going for another bite after another. This is why I love the pastas offered at LENAS (not only a few but a wide array of choices.). They also specialize in their cream base sauces too!

Dory Fish In Egg Sauce 

What i had last time did not change enough, surprisingly they offered this dish to let us to try. Yummy! The dory fish actually kinda reminds me of the Katsu-don that we usually have because the dory fish is cooked with half-cooked egg which makes the entire dish looks appetizing and tempting. I like how they serve the dory fish on a separate pot so you can actually see the dish still sizzling from the hot pot! Yums! I would highly recommend this if you are looking for something to fill your stomach! 

Breaded Banana Brownie Hot Pan with Vanilla Ice Cream 

This is insane and a guilty pleasure having this! Just look at the hot chocolate brownie topped with a vanilla ice cream and covered with hot chocolate sauce. Definitely a tooth-some dish for us, I love the banana because the were deep fried perfectly and goes really well with the chocolate sauce. If I'm not wrong this is quite a popular dessert offered at LENAS. I will definitely come back for more because this is really good and i would highly recommend you to add this to your dessert. The serving was able to served up to 3 people. (I can finish the entire dish by myself la) but if you are a person that get sick of chocolate after awhile, I suggest you to share it together with a friend.

To end of the post, this is strawberry and vanilla ice cream served with marshmallows and cereal at the bottom. To me, I really like the ice cream a lot because it was creamy and appeals to my likings. The ice cream was soft and melts in your mouth fast. Not the type of dessert that I would order but if you are looking for something that isn't chocolate, this may be a perfect choice for you to pick :) Never the less, the taste of it was very satisfying and fulfilling. Thumbs Up!

Continue to read my blog for Part 2 of The Tampines 1 Food Trail! See ya!

For more about LENAS please refer to: 

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10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines 1
Operating Hours:
Sun - Thu: 11:30 - 22:00 
Fri - Sat: 11:30 - 23:00
*This was an invited food tasting session 

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