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My experience at Mellben Signature

Mellben Seafood also known as Mellben Signature now is no stranger to any of us. They also have been known and famous for their delicious and savoury chili & butter crabs! Their first outlet is at Ang Moh Kio (I know some of you guys might have been here before right) because the queue is forever long because of the constant customers dining in and out. Which also means good food requires patience and time (worth waiting)! Hehehe, I was invited by my friend Maybeline to come over to their new outlet located at Bestway Building (CBD area) as they have expanded their restaurant. And also I have been craving for crabs so I was really enthused and excited about this food tasting event! *stomach growling*

 Mellben Signature 

How to locate Mellben Signature? 

Mellben Signature
12 Prince Edward Road
Bestway Building
Singapore 079212
Contact: 6220 5512

Seafood Beancurd Broth 

First up was the Seafood Beancurd Broth which consists of crab meat, sliced tofu and fish maw. Generally, it tasted exceptionally good because of the right consistency and it's flavour was likable. With a touch of vinegar it's even better. You can also see the bits and pieces of ingredients and they are very fresh! Not bad for a starter appetizer! 

Fried Crispy Beancurd

It's another side appetizer to add on to your meal. Plus points for decorations of the dish by adding cucumbers at the side. Going back to the point, this dish can be shared among 4-6 people and it's tasted fulfilling and satisfying. One more thing I want to add on is that the fried beancurd wasn't too greasy and tasted alright. The texture of the skin was very crispy and I like it a lot! It's something that you would enjoy! Yum yum!

Salted Egg With Pork Ribs

Something unusual that you don't see often at a zi char restaurant. It has been rated as one of my faovurite dishes of the night! I love SALTED EGG and anything with it, i'll eat it! The combination of the fried chicken and the salted egg was a perfect blend as the taste of magificent. Slightly greasy but let's put aside that for it's tempting and delicious taste! Each bite is not enough and makes you want to go for another and another. I guess what makes a big difference is the salted egg as it totally enhance and brought this dish to a whole new level where it really appeals to all our likings (unless you don't eat salted egg). I would strongly recommend you to order this!

Dragon Fruit Fried Fish

WOW! The fish looks tempting and crispy right? The fish brought out a mixed flavour of sweet, sour and spiciness. (Don't know if you guess will like it) but I thought it was generally alright, the fish is topped with dragon fruit, watermelon balls which made the dish perfect and I kinda like the concept of this dish mainly because of it's multiple flavour which stands out from the rest of the dishes that was served. Must be quite a tedious dish to make it as it requires time and effort!

Salad Prawns

+100 points for the decorations of the dish! It's very pretty and made me bu she de to eat it! I'm a BIG FAN of salad prawns and every time when I visit to a chinese restaurant, this must be in my list! The prawns were big juicy and delicious! The taste was delectable and with a topped of their sweet mayonnaise sauce, it's almost close to perfect!

Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup

They have crab bee hoon soup here too! Hehehe usually I'll have the sliced fish version, but over here they serve crabs instead of fish. The broth of the soup tasted slightly peppery and the flavour blended together with the crab egg. (if you get what i meant). It's just heavenly delicious and I was kinda hooked on and addicted to drinking their soup as I kept constantly drinking it lol. Love anything that has milky colour means i's gonna be creamy and nice! I'm definitely going to recommend this to my friends!

Signature Chili Crab

We have come to the main star item of their Mellben Signature! The famous chili crab! Mhmmm! Singapore's local favourite dish and rated as one of Asia's popular dishes that tourist must try when they visit Singapore. Is it spicy? No! Usually I will try to avoid chili stuff but it's not spicy at all! Trust me, I even scooped the sauce lol cos it was very flavourful and sullucent. The taste literally gradually grows on you and the meat was very soft and delicious! Love the vibrant colour of it and confirm will make you droll and want to eat it now! Don't say i never share, but the mouth-watering chili crab is a MUST try at Mellben!

and of cos, how can you miss out their soft and puffy buns! Dip into the chili crab sauce and eat it together and guarantee you will want to go for more! *liu ko shui* Except for me lah, I will just pour the sauce onto my rice or just drink it immediately haahaha!

Creamy Buttered Crabs 

For non-spicy eaters like me, you can go for their creamy butter crabs as it's also one of their signature dishes and they are known of it! I fell in love with the creamy butter sauce because it was so delicious and palatable. It wasn't really buttery and tasted just right! Wish I could have everything to myself and eat this everyday! It tasted pleasantly well and I extremely LOVE it. It simply makes me feel that I'm full of bliss and happiness! Ah nothing with cream and get away from me! *stares with shiny eyes* Never the less, this is something that you need to order and cannot miss out!

Mushroom and “Bai Bai” Vegetables 

Doesn't look like mushroom to you right because it's crispy fried! Overall, it wasn't overcooked and the vegetables tasted very fresh and appealed to my likings! The portion and amount given was decent and can be shared among 4-10 people!

Yam Paste

I'm always a big fan of yam paste, *always anticipating to eat it during wedding dinners*. The texture was alright but tasted a bit thick for me maybe it's because of personal preferences. Yums yums!

So what are you waiting for, why not drop by Mellben Signature today? :)
Make a reservation at 6220 5512 or 81112823. 

For more information & constant updates check out their facebook page:


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