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My experience at Supperman (Tanjong Pagar)

Thanks for the lovely invitation by SupperMan for organizing a food tasting session at their restaurant on a casual weekday evening, specially thanks to my friend Vivian for inviting me along!  SupperMan is located at the Central Business District area, just a short 5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. The restaurant serves a mixture of local and western food and best of all they are all at an affordable range that you wouldn't even imagine. It is also a pub where you can come here and chill with you friends. To me, I feel that it's a great place to hang out if you are looking for a quiet place to have a nice chat with your friends or a casual dinner with your date. 

Entrance Of SupperMan

Ribeye Steak with Green Onion Puree 

To start the ball rolling, the first item that was served was the Ribeye Steak with Green Onion Puree! I extremely feel in love with the sauce given. The steak was served at medium rare and it's quite popular among the customers choice because I saw customers ordering this dish too. What made me attracted to it was the greeny sauce on top of the slice of beef and it brought the taste of the beef to a whole new level. It's my first time trying green onion puree and honestly, it only depends if you like it or not after you tried it! Overall, the dish was full of falvour and I don't mind coming back for more! It was pleasantly good and extremely love the juicy and tender beef! Something that you might want to order! Thumbs Up!

Pan-fried Cod with Preserved Radish and Soya Broth 

Oh god, this dish was heavenly delicious because it was one of the dishes that stand out compared to the rest. A dish that I would recommend for all ages from young to the elderly because the fish is so easy to chew and soft (boneless btw). Well, you don't often see Pan-fried Cod served in any western restaurant right? Don't just judge by the looks of this dish because it might look normal to you, what you see might not be what you expect. My favourite was the soya broth because it was so fragrant and flavoursome. The soya broth had a perfect combination with the cod and brought out an elegant taste which really appeals to everyone likings! Yums!

Cereal Crusted Cutlet with Yuzu Wasabi Sauce 

One of the side dishes that you need to consider in your dish. Pieces of fried cutlet topped with spicy wasabi sauce really brought the entire experience to a whole new level. The portion can be shared among 3-4 people and it was really addicting and I kept going for another and another non-stop! Best eaten when it's served immediately when it's pipping hot! What a thoughtful idea of using cereal as a replacement of flour which made the cutlet tasted differently. It was fried perfectly and wasn't too greasy for me. Overall it was scrumptious and you can like fall in love with the sauce (not a wasabi eater btw). It was exceptionally good compared to the ones I have outside! Thumbs Up!

Clinton posing for my camera and he seems to like the cutlet too! Hehehe!

Here's a close up shot of Crusted Cutlet with Yuzu Wasabi Sauce *liu ko shui* 

Beer Battered Fish (Pure Gold)

Nope, not the ordinary fried battered fish but it's deep fried with Pure Gold (it's an alcohol drink btw). Another dish that was one of the signature sides offered by SupperMan. Something that I would love to eat without feeling a single guilt at all. The texture was fitted for finger food actually and blends in to whatever you are eating. Again, the portion served can be shared among 3-4 people and definitely worth the money to order this because it's really something that will changed your mind ( not exaggerating but it's really damn good). Just a side note that it was kinda greasy but I still like it a lot because it made be felt very satisfied and fulfilling to my appetite! Can also serve as a booster dish for me! :X 


This is not included in the main menu because it's a weekly special. Every week, SupperMan will serve different types of different dishes. So to find out more about the weekly special, you can always check out their facebook page for constant updates. The sausages which had an interesting name "Oh-My-Dog" tasted very delicious to me because it was no ordinary sausage to me. Surprisingly, the entire dish was quite filling for me because the portion was able to serve for one person. But recommended to share among your friends/family or another person because you will get sick if you just stick to one dish! Yums! 

Supperman Burger

Any burger fans out there? Then you shouldn't miss this because it's one of their main icon and also one of my favourite dishes among the rest of the food served. It comes with 2 buns, in between there is a slice of juicy beef with melted cheese topped with 2 slices of bacon. Kinda resembles the BLT Burger that MCD used to have! Glad they have it here too! I really love the combination of adding bacon to the burger because you have double the things you like at once! Plus point for lovely dressing of the dish and it really looks tempting to you right? *drooling liaos* Anyway overall, it tasted very delicious  tastes, rich and extremely flavourful.  To me, if you are going for a small portion, this should be the perfect choice for you. (For me it's small lah, but still depends on your preference.)

Cold Spicy Glass Noodles 

Now this is something that looks similar like the "Yu Sheng" we have during Chinese New Year! They are cold spicy noodles specially catered to vegetarian eaters. How thoughtful of them actually. The glass noodles is seasoned with spicy thai chili sauce, roasted peanuts and various assorted vegetables. 

Coconut Butter Tart

This was the one that made my entire night! It was tasted heavenly delicious and a perfect combination of warm & cold. They are no ordinary tarts like what you may expect but they are made with coconut filling with sweet brown sugar. The crust was generally good and went really well with the ice cream. Over here at SupperMan, they also specialize in the desserts and they are also quite known or it. The crust of the tarts are crispy and breaks into pieces easily once you touch it. Best of all, it's served warm which really brought everything to a change. But sadly, it's only at a decent amount wish I could have more! :x I just felt that the taste of it made be very heart-warming and welcoming. Please try this! 

Dark Chocolate Mud Cake

Next up we have the tempting miniature mud cakes which kinda resembles the lava cake I usually eat! Also served with cookies and cream ice cream. Hmmm, they are made with dark chocolate and freshly heated from the oven. YOU CAN NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE FOR ME. *sorry as what I always say, I'm biased to chocolate!* I felt that the mud cake simply makes me feel comforted and full of bliss, extremely appetizing to me. I want more of this too! 

Anyway this is the menu if you are interested in looking at the prices they are so affordable, I'm definitely going to come back more often with my friends and recommend to my family. Looks like I also found a ideal location to chill and hang out! 

32 Maxwell Road
 Maxwell Chamber Singapore
 Singapore 069115

How to locate this restaurant?

If you are traveling by the MRT:
  1. Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station
  2. Wallk Towards Exit B 
  3. Turn Left to Maxwell Chambers

For more information:


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