November 23, 2013

My experience at Bear Bites 熊の食 (SCAPE)

Ever heard of Bear Bites? They were originated from Taiwan and specialized in selling their signature adorable bear paws burger. The idea has been brought over in Singapore and now you can have them locally! Don't have to go to Taiwan and try because you can have it in SG too! Bear Bites is currently stationed outside SCAPE. They took over the the place of the shop where Long John Silvers used to be. ( Wah seh, such a prominent and convenient spot, now you can have an extra item to sneak into the cinema lolols #pleasedontbelikeme).

How to locate Bear Bites?

2 Orchard Link 
SCAPE (Flea Area & Near the entrance of underground flea) 
Singapore, Singapore 237978

Operating Hours:
Monday - Saturday from 1030 - 2230 
Sundat from 1200 - 2230 

You may have seen Bear Bites on television or newspaper articles, I meant who wouldn't want to give it a try? It's such an adorable looking burger that probably caught everyone's attention to it. 

Although it's a small area, they were meant to target customers that purchase takeaway orders but alternatively, they also have wooden tables and chairs for you to sit down and have your meal. You can enjoy sitting under tree which provides a shelter.

I was given a piece of paper to take down my order. Basically, to make your own Bear Paw Burger, you simply have to follow 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Meat 

Option 1 - Karaage Crispy Chicken
Option 2 - OISHI Fish Fillet

Different Types Of Flavours

They cater quite a variety of flavours you can choose for the bun.

Step 2: Choose your own flavour of bun:

Original Milk (Popular & Highly recommended by me)
Oat (Those who are more health conscious)
Brown Sugar (Kinda interesting, my first time seeing such flavour)
Yam (One of my favourites)
Curry (For the adventurous that want to try out the curry flavour)
Squid Ink (Something unusual and you don't see often)


Step 3: Choose your own Sauce 

Mushroom Sauce (Kinda neatural and one of my choices that I will go for)
Sweet & Sour Thai Sauce (If you feel spicing up your appetite)
Black Pepper Sauce (Local favourites)
Golden Cheese Sauce (If you get sick of cheese easily, then I won't recommend because you are going to have cheese fries too!)
Tatar Sauce
Honey Mustard Sauce


If you order from set meals, you will receive a cup of their nacho cheese fries and also a drink. Additional $1 if you want to upsize your cheese fries (Value for money because I really like it a lot). To be honest, I finished 2 portions of large fries by myself because I feel in love with the cheese sauce. It's not those "cheesy" kind i you understand what I meant, cos there are 2 types of cheese. I prefer the ones with sweeter taste and it really made me wanting to go for more. The portion given was very generous and could be shared among 2-3 people. (I can finish 1 by myself btw!) Something that you really need to try and not miss out! Wish I could have it again!

The purple one is the yam flavour with fried fish fillet & the brown one consists of Karaage crispy chicken. Thumbs up for the creation of the design because it can really convince the customer to come back and buy again. For the taste, it was generally alright as the buns are soft and easy to chew thus it suits to all ages. Something thatwas really thoughtful was the wide spread of flavours you can choose from, anyway Original Milk flavour is one of the most popular and it is usually sold out most of the time.

Not only they serve Bear Paw burgers but they also use the buns and serve it with ice cream too. If you are wondering what kind of ice cream they use, they actually used gelato ice cream to match with the bear paws because the flavour gradually blends in together. Flavours of ice cream include Chocolate, Caramel Biscuit (highly recomnmended) and Green Tea.


Overall, I had a wonderful experienced spent at Bear Bites. Thank you Joey for bringing me along! It's something that is affordable and definitely worth to visit again because I can guarantee you that you won't get bored of it! If you have not tried Bear Bites yet, try it today! Remember to visit their outlet at town if you are near-by!

For more information you can check out their:

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