November 7, 2013

My experience at Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe (Aljunied)

I have recently been addicted to eating Thai food and I can't express my love for them. I was recently introduced by one of my good friend to visit this new Thai restaurant at the heart Aljunied. It's quite popular now among the neighborhood and usually in the evening, it would be crowded. To me, this is definitely one of the good choices for affordable and authentic thai cuisine. Usually, thai food are quite expensive and a lot come in small portions. Anyway, they offer Mookata here (Thai Steamboat too!!) Despite the nearest MRT is located at Aljunied. You could also stop at Paya Lebar MRT Station (which I think is easier to locate the place) because it is just beside a public swimming pool. The walking distance is roughly around an 8 mins walk from the MRT Station. If you drive it's definitely a plus advantage for you lah.

How to locate this place:
Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe
Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2
Singapore 380115
Tel: +65 67478558
Nearest MRT Station: Aljunied

Look at the amount of crowded on a normal weekday! Almost 90% filled! 

Probably the best person to have dinner with! Hahaha Qin Pin also can eat a lot one okay! 

Okay, here's a pic of me cos you all say that a lot of my blogposts don't have my face! 

Thai Ice Milk Tea

Price: $1.50 

Something that I would definitely order whenever I'm in a thai restaurant, I love thai ice milk tea because they are slightly sweeter and got this unique taste compared to ordinary milk tea (teh peng). A drink that will quench your thirst and want to you order more (thus it's not good to drink too much but #yolo lolol!) 

Tom Yam Soup (Red Soup Base)

Price: $14.00

This is definitely value for money because the portion can be shared among 3-4 people though it's only for Qin Pin and I. We decided to go with the large one because we knew one ($6/bowl) isn't enough for us. To be honest, I rather add a few more dollars to get the steamboat tom yam soup! The soup was filled with generous amount of seafood and I LOVE THE TOM YOM SOUP because it's not only spicy (damn shiok) it was flavourful. I can remember I felt the spicy sensation that immediately went up to my nose. Spicy lovers, you are in for a treat cause this is gonna be your favourite! They have another type of soup which is the clear type. Thus, overall I feel that it was a great combination of hot & sourness! YUMS YUMS! Quite a "refreshing" dish to start off my dinner!

Pineapple Rice

Price: $5.00

Pineapple Rice was inside the menu too! It is topped with chicken floss which made the entire dish look attractive added with slices of cucumbers at the side. Actually, we ordered this just to try so it can be considered as a side dish for us. Surprisingly, it tasted delicious and it appealed to our likings! Just a comment that the rice could be improved because it was slightly dry for us. Never the less, it wasn't too greasy and the rice was fragrant.

Pandan Chicken 

Price: $8.00

Yes! This is a must to try as it was one of my favourite side dishes that I ordered. We even ordered a second serving actually because 4 wasen't enough for us.  I have tired pandan chicken at many places and honestly at this restaurant, it is one of the best. The flavours blends into everything and the taste simply gradually grows towards you making you crave for more. The meat was juicy and you can see the juice spilling out once you bite onto the meat. How to not resist this? 

Seafood Phad Thai 

Price: $6.00 

 Their Pad Thai is a must try because if you notice, they were not stingy at all, providing hearty amounts of ingredients. (sliced fish, beans sprout etc). The taste blended really well as it was slightly peppery and if you mix together with the crushed peanuts at the side, it would be almost perfect (combination of sweetness cos of the peanuts) and it was one of my favorite dishes. The portion can be shared among 2-3 people and I think that for this much of generous ingredients, it is definitely value for money.

Stir Fry Minced Pork

Omelette Seafood Egg

The seafood omelette was one of the better ones compared to what I tried at other places. It is similar to the one you order if you have zi char. They also have in other types such as prawn & oyster. It wasn't that greasy at all and with the chili sauce given, the taste is even better.  Something that really appealed to my likings! *thumbs up*

Red Ruby Dessert

Price: $2.50

Red Ruby is known as one of the most popular desserts in Thailand. They are chestnuts shaped into a red colored dough (something like tang yuan) filled with coconut milk. The taste is simply refreshing and will quench your thirst, just be prepared to bear with the sweetness! 

For more information please check out their Facebook page: 

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