November 25, 2013

My experience with Lab Series: Skincare For Men

A few weeks back, I was invited for a roadshow by Lab Series located at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. If you are unaware, Lab Series is one of the most recognized male skincare products worldwide. They were providing a free skin analysis for ALL the male patrons who wants to find out what's their skin condition like. Well, I bet most of the guys out there have no idea what is your skin condition like. Likewise for me, I always felt that my face is very oily.... but what I'm about to find out isn't true at all!

The mini-event was held at the entrance of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. 

After getting my skin analyzised, the verdict of the results were

Texture: C 
(It's something that I'm not really surprised because I'm almost outside all the time plus I used to be in NPCC thus I'm always out in the sun!)
Sebum/Oil: A
(I didn't believe at first de lor, haha all the while I thought I had oily skin! But guess it was really surprisingly true lolol)
Flakiness: A
(Flakiness of the skin is caused by dryness of the skin, thus I'm glad that I don't have them)
Hydration: A
(I can link this to drinking plenty of water everyday because I'm a water tank. I don't even know that my skin was hydrated. Dehydration of skin causes your skin to be very dull, lifeless, dry, flaky, and even saggy)
Firmness: A 
(I honestly have no idea what is this but I guess my face is like a floor map cos it's very firm 10/10 leh!)

After the analysis of my skin, the skincare specialist recommended me several products of Lab Series to use. She told me that it's very effective and the effect works instantly!

The "shiok" moment when you apply something that is really cooling on your face, though for some moments I have no idea what products I was being applied on!

Anyway I was recommended 3 products to use to improve on my skin:

1) Multi Action Face Wash
2) Water Lotion
3) Pro Ls All In One

Thank you Lab Series for being so nice! I was given the some products by them to sample on my skin! I'm going to use them because I'm always skeptical about my skin and it does not adapt to some other facial products at times. So if the effect is genuine, I'll start using their products! So far after a few days of usage, my skin condition has improved quite a bit.

Multi-Action Face Wash (Nettoyant Extoliant Visage)

The multi-action face wash is a foaming cream cleanser that leaves your skin clean, refreshed & conditioned. It gently exfoliates (meaning helps to removal of your oldest dead skincells) beads thats helps to improve smooth dry and patchy skin. I guess it's very useful especially I have very lousy texture on my skin.

Water Lotion (Lotion Hydratante Vitalite) 

The water lotion aims to provide weightless lotions refreshens, for comfort and protects your skin. It gently exfoliates and to keep your skin hydrated at all times. It is important to maintain your skin to be hydrated because it helps to beat and fight the harmful UV rays while we are outside under the sun all the time. When our skin is hydrated, our faces will generally look more healthier thus it leads to minimal wrinkles on your skin.

Pro LS - All-In-One Face Treatment 

Lastly, I was recommended the Pro LS - All-In-One Face Treatment which is today's most advanced face essentials combined in one efficient, super-light, fast-absorbing formula. I think this is definitely value for money because it provides so many healthy factors for your skin such as it immediate soothes your skin from razor burn (guys should know that sometime we will get irritation after being cut by the blades while shaving well, well this is the trick to soothe your skin!) Other than that, if you feel that your skin is tightened, this products helps to moisturize your skin instantly and makes your skin flawless. It helps to repairs saw lines and minimize your wrinkles. And lastly, it makes your skin shiny. They have actually conducted a survey among guys that used this product recently to check if their skin really shine and 94% said yes after using this products for 4 weeks.


Anyway, I will be giving away 3 free trial sets of Lab Series products for my lovely readers! All you have to do is to answer these simple questions below and I will personally meet up to pass your the product.

Question 1: When was Lab Series established? 
Question 2: How old am I? :D *this one easy la ok*
Question 3: What product can I use if my skin is very dehydrated? 

Email the answers to my email: 
(Remember to indicated Contest Entry - "Your Name" as the subject heading)


Well, if you don't feel like joining my contest but want to purchase the samples! You can do so by heading down to Level 1 of Cathay Cinelsiure Orchard because they have a vending machine that sells the trial sets for only $10/box.

See ya!

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