December 31, 2013

Let's conclude 2013!

Wow! I seriously can't believe it.. The year is finally coming to an end. It's almost like 2 years since I graduated from secondary school and everyone is getting older. My friends that are at my age finished A levels and are proceeding to army or Uni next year & so are my poly friends who are going to be finial year students next year! I'm so proud and happy of them! It's almost like time flew very quickly this year. Sometimes, I just feel like asking god if the time could stop and just stay like this forever but unfortunately, life still needs to carry on. There are better things to look forward in the near future and I'm definitely up for what is going to occur in my life next. 2013 has been one of the greatest year that I've enjoyed. I've completed ALMOST all of my goals I listed at the starting of the year, well particularly except for one... which is the losing weight part. Lol, I have been dragging it like almost every year. I think it's really time for me to do some reflection about my weight issues and start to adapt a more healthy lifestyle.

One of the greatest thing that I've experienced was to be able to be more exposed to what it's like out there. I felt like I've made so many new friends and they can be considered as my close friends now as I didn't expected that we would bounded so well. I mean sometimes life is so unpredictable, for instance.. the girl I used to like for years has suddenly became a friend to me now. I'm not longer hurt or neither I should feel upset. My main aspiration in life is to just "Keep Calm & Carry On". There will be one day that you will achieve what you want and deserve what you should get. I'm actually really glad that I didn't gave up blogging one year back. Though I have lack of updates, I'm really thankful for the readerships that maintain and some loyal readers of mine that continued to read my blog. I promise, next year will definitely be better year for me. Thank you for everything and god for blessing me with all the wonderful friends and opportunities! 

What to expect next year from me? 

I honestly have no idea, I want things to keep as simple as possible with minimal disruptions in my life and also lesser arguments with my friends. I also want to keep myself busy in doing more volunteering work like beach cleaning, visiting the old folks home. I mean, all the while I have always been concerned about myself and I have no time for others. It's time for me to give back the kindness. For my blog, I do hope that I will continue to live my passion of pursing as a lifestyle & food blogger. I don't really want to toally go into food because I still want my blog to be like a "personal" diary which I can look back at my old posts when I'm old in the future. And also I will be starting a new youtube channel posting funny videos and vlog with my friends! I'm actually thinking of going into food hosting, I'm currently practicing my stage presence so I could actually speak in front of the camera without mumbling or going out of point.

Time to rewind back some photos I took this year! Please play the song below so you will have the mood! Hahahahas!
Happy Blessed New Year Everyone! 

See you next year! Ops!!! I meant tomorrow! 

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