December 28, 2013

What Did I Do For Christmas This Year

FINALLY! I'm over with the festive season and it also marks the end of my school holidays. I'll be busying with my protect submissions which needs to be handed up when school reopens next year. I'm trying my best to update more about my life because I don't wanna lose myself on this blog cos I have been sight-tracking about food post all the time. Just to let you know that 2013 has been an awesome year for me and I couldn't be thankful for the new and old friends around me and my
 family that always standing by me all the time. Couldn't be any more blissful than this :") 

Look at those adorable reindeer lightings! Photo taken at Church.
(Just a side note, think I grew "larger" lah, I must have eaten loads of junk food this month)

Another #selfie taken by me unglamorously in the lift. I accidentally selected orange filter and it
turned out really bad because you can see my raw face.

I look like some paddle pop ice cream! Reminiscing my childhood memories!

Qin Pin and I also attended the media preview for the year end Siloso Countown Beach Party at Sentosa. This year's theme they will be splashing paint at you (you do not have to worry becuase the paint is water-soluable means it's washable lah). So be sure to turn up half-naked for guys or wear a white t-shirt to make your own piece of artwork so you can bring back home as a souvenir to remember 2013 lol. Get your tickets now at:

I also attended the Cineleisure's Christmas Countdown Party during Xmas Eve. Joey, Noelle, Don and I came up with a last minute impromptu performance! Glad that it turned out really good and we hope you enjoyed our performance on stage!

And also was so lucky to be able to snap a photo with the gorgeous Rebecca Lim!

Initially, I wanted to do something very nice and cool for Christmas this year but unfortunately I didn't really have the time. Christmas for me is always about receiving presents but I need to tell myself that I need to have the spirit of giving too. Time has also adjusted really fast and it's almost the end of the year! Means I'm left with one more year till I graduate which also marks the countdown of my birthday in 2 more weeks (just hinting you guys, remember to wish me okay). 

Basically that sums up the activities I did before the week of Christmas! It was really a hectic week because I needed to balance between my projects and personal matters! Meanwhile, here are some food pics that I have been really tempted to post on my blog!

Delicious Tokyo Banana bought from Jia Hui (my classmate)! They are heavenly delicious, it's like this sponge cake shaped in a banana and it's filled with banana custard cream! Apparently, I "accidentally" left this inside the fridge and the next day I found out it's only left with 5. Lol, my brother or my sister could have eaten it without telling me! I really hope the school will send me to Japan for industrial attachment next year! *cross fingers* I've always wanted to visit Japan!

Definitely one of my favourite desserts of all times now! It's so special because Wendy's came up with this new Chendol Ice Cream! It's damn good! I mean the ice cream itself is already very milky and mouth-watering! Don't miss out! It's only for $2.00 (don't say I never share lobang go try!)

Alright! Let me end of with an insta-vid of my hair! Went to touch up recently before I dye back for school in about 2 more weeks!


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