January 5, 2014

My experience at Ramen Champion (Great World City)

Whoohoo! Any Ramen Champion fans here?! *raise hand* I'm certainly one of them! Fear not! Because they have a new outlet at Great World City now! Previously there were only two branches in Singapore, one at the Airport and another at Bugis+. Now they have it at Great World City, it is definitely going to be much more convenient if you are at town! I always enjoy eating their ramen and it's definitely a place for you to come if you enjoy eating authentic Japanese Ramen. 

Entrance Of Ramen Champion (Great World City)

Located at the ground floor of the shopping mall opposite Kenny Rogers. Actually my preferred time to dine here is usually after 830PM, when the crowd would be slightly lesser! Anyway just a little fact about RC, they offer different kinds of brands. For instance, the outlet at GWC has 4 brands and they are Bishamon Zero, Tonkotsu Itto (both are existing/pioneer brands), Miyamoto and Butaou (new comers). So they will actually compete to see which ramen is the best voted by the consumer. 

Tori Karaage

Price: $4.80

To kick start my meal, the first item that was served was the Tori Karaage. Did I ever tell you guys that they are one of my favourite snacks! (Always buy them at supermarket and heat up from the microwave). Back to the point, they are actually pieces of friend chicken. The meat was tender and delicious. Overall, it tasted average and I felt that the portion was quite little for 5 pieces of meat.

Mentaiko Gyoza

Price: $5.80 (5 Pieces)

RC's Japanese Gyoza is a definitely must try because they are so good that I could finish a whole plate by myself. The gyoza wasn't that greasy and it was very appealing. The fillings were fresh and simply melts in you mouth. (Especially the part when you bite onto it, and the juice just literally flows out.) I find that it is value for money and this is a must-try in your order list! Yums! Even better if you eat it separately (not together with the ramen) *Thumbs Up*

 Sapporo Miso Special Ramen

Price: $14.80

For a large bowl of ramen, $14.80 is definitely worth it. They are very generous with the serving given and this ramen was one of my favourite among the other 3 that was served. Maybe it was because of the broth of the soup as it really blended into my taste as it was very well-balanced and produced a delightful taste. Love the noodles because it was pleasantly good and the texture was smooth. You could really taste the strong fragrant of the garlic that was added inside the soup but would highly much preferred if they don't add it because of my own prefferences. I feel that it tastes better without garlic.

Special Tonkotsu Ramen 

Price: $16.50

Similar looking to the mee-sua that we usually eat! I like how milky-plain it is because I'm not the type of eater that likes my soup to be very salty (if you get what i meant) because too much of the taste might be a little unappetizing. The soup which was cooked with pork bone wasn't very greasy as it turned out to be, becuase I expected the soup to be a little bland but it wasn't'. Overall, the ramen consisted of healthy factor ingredients such as black fungus (reduces your blood cholesterol). If you are a type of person that likes to go for a soups that are not so starchy and also slimy noodles this would suit you!

Pork and Vegetable Ramen

Price: $16.00

Surprised by the large bowl of ramen filled with massive amount of tau-gey (bean sprouts). They were very generous with the serving of cabbage and bean sprouts and also topped with slices of pork and garlic. Don't judge by it's looks just because it's loaded with vegetables, but it actually tastes really good and flavourful! If you are considering for a healthy option, then this would definitely be a good choice for you. Ps: there were too much bean sports until I have to scoop out and separate them into another bowl.

Spicy Fried Chicken Wings

Mhmm! Simple and yet delicious! Fired chicken wings covered with spicy chili powder. Anther side dish to can add to your order list! It has been said to be quite "popular" and highly demanded. Squeeze the dash of lemon given for an even better taste! *Thumbs Up*

Special Sukiyaki Ramen

Price: $16.00

And also the last ramen goes out to the beef lovers out there! If you realized the egg is different from the rest of the ramen, i've tried. They used poached egg (my faovurite)! The soup generally tasted sweeter compared to the others and it was delectable as it highly appealed to my likings! Yummy!

Ramen Champion 
Great World City 
Tel: +65 6235 1295

For more information, check out their facebook page for instant updates!

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